Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Karen Dover ~ The REbirth of the Divine Male in TRUTH

karen doonan

As the energies now expand us into new realities and new experiences many may be undergoing a “searching” within, a search if you will for the “missing” part of SELF.  There is much disinformation within the old 3D earth created reality construct and none more so than the information and material presented in support of the divine female. The old 3D earth created construct seeks to separate at ALL levels of BEing and this is done in a multitude of different ways. It may for example appear that both human males and human females speak the same language but their interpretation of it is different. It is therefore not TRUTH to assume that a human male sees the outer waking world the same as you do if you have taken human female form and vice versa. The teachings that are taught so deeply to human males and human females in relation to what it means to be a human male or human female begin as soon as we are born upon this planet.  With the teachings continually reinforced by the unwritten rules of the outer waking old 3D earth reality construct.
So it is with “mother ” earth, the planet is neither male nor female, the planet JUST IS. The distortion that is presented with the teaching of “mother” and what the word implies further triggers and anchors the teachings that are taught to us as a race.  Each being alive on this planet is made up of both male and female energies, these must be brought into balance and harmony WITHIN us. It is the balance that is now trying to anchor deep within the human race and that many will reject. The “divine feminine” is seen as a nurturing “loving” energy whilst male energy is seen as harsh. Again this is seeking to anchor the teachings in relation to human males and male energy.

The feminine is seen is soft and loving and the male aggressive. This is not TRUTH and the balance of the divine male must be embraced. The male energy has been kept off this planet deliberately for the strength in physical creation is born through the MALE energies that are within us.  We can be as creative as we wish but we need to embrace the MALE energy to push the creativity out into the waking world.  Human males are “set up” to fall within the old 3D earth created construct, we are taught that it is the human male who is pushing the wars on this planet, it is the human male who is out of control and that simply by anchoring more female energy we will somehow soften this.
It is fractured FEMALE energy that has been anchored upon this planet, the energy seeking at all times to punish the male energy, this is seen throughout human relationships with the human male locked out emotionally at many levels of this human life experience.  Human males are separated from their children, they are separated from their loved ones on all levels in a variety of ways. At the moment many teachings are seeking the human male simply to embrace more of the female energies and this will somehow save him. Human males at this time are asked to stand in the LOVE that IS and shine and radiate this energy throughout their being, to embrace the MALE energy within them that they are taught to reject within the old 3D earth created construct.
Many human males walk in shame of being male, they look out onto the world and see what is happening and feel they are somehow responsible as the old 3D earth created construct lays the blame for everything wrong in this world at the feet of male energy. This seeks to filter out the role of the FRACTURED female energy who seeks revenge from the male energy. This is played out through much of the spiritual teachings and seeks to keep many females and males in fear of male energy in whatever form it may take.
As the human vehicle is made up of a BALANCE of both male and female energies then this balance must be sought and anchored. This seeks to create the wholeness that the old 3D earth created construct seeks to teach us to look out with for. To search for someone to complete us is an illusion, we were never complete for we were only ever taught to align with one part of our energetic make up. There is much disinformation about loving of SELF, we cannot allow ourselves to be whole when we dismiss or filter out part of our own energetic make up.  The outer waking reality that is projected around us BY US is now changing but it is being held in place where this imbalance is held. Therefore for any of you who are in a holding pattern I would guide you to look at your belief around male energy.
We have taken both human male and human male form and this is the beginning of the illusion that is presented to us for LOVE JUST IS and it knows no separation, to view another as male or female is to miss the whole picture. When we can look at each other as human BEINGS without looking to the reference points we have been given at how to interact with the “male” or “female” version of human that stands before us then we are almost ready then to expand further and to allow this expansion to continue.
The release will begin whether we are “ready” or not for the world was originally created in BALANCE, within the garden of eden originally Adam and Eve did not look to each other and see any separation this occurred later on. It is this that is filtered out also, there is in TRUTH no separation this was taught to us as a race and we have fought to keep hold of this belief for eternity. We do this by the referencing of others through age, race, sex etc and this is now dissolving for these reference points are not TRUTH.
The only difference between a human male and a human female in TRUTH is the human vehicle itself, all else is learned and has been TAUGHT and it is this that seeks to dissolve now. As a result of this our human relationships will undergo massive re-balancing and expansion.  This allows us to embrace UNITY, when we see our fellow humans as a reflection of the LOVE that IS. Until this point we are walking within the teachings of an old reality that now is dissolving and is pulling many out of balance. To let go of the teachings is to gain equilibrium at the core of your Being, from this all else flows and can be built from.
At this time we are asked to let go fully and allow the deep cleansing and healing that seeks to bring us back to balance to be revealed to us in TRUTH. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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