Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Love Letter

Have you ever noticed that just feeling the emotion never clears the emotion? If we want to clear the emotion, we must penetrate deeper layers of emotions until we finally reach the deepest layer of our Consciousness and rediscover Love. The Love Letter is a constructive method for releasing our irrational emotional energy. Writing a Love Letter means that we must feel each emotion totally and irrationally. So we exaggerate our feelings in order to get each emotion out of our body.
We start with the most negative emotion of anger. We use short sentences to get out all of our angry feelings. “I am angry every time you do that. I hate it when you do that. I get so angry with you that I just want to scream!” Exaggerate your feelings. Keep writing until your anger turns into Sadness.

When the tears come say, “It makes me sad every time you do that. It hurts me when you do that.” Keep writing until your sadness is finished and turns into Fear.
When you start to feel fear say, “I am afraid that you will never change. I am afraid that this problem will never go away. I am afraid that my life is always going to be like this.” Keep writing until your Fear turns into Guilt.
Guilt is the deepest layer of our negative emotions. When we can feel our Guilt, we will begin to take responsibility for our emotional reactions. Write, “I am sorry I always blame you for my feelings. I am sorry that you remind me of my own problems. I realize that you don’t really know what you are doing. I am sorry that your feelings are a mirror of my own. That is why I want to blame you.” Keep writing until you feel better and Guilt turns into understanding and Love. If you are honest with your feelings and truly let out the deep feelings of each emotion, you will finally come back to Love.
When you begin the Love section say, “I Love you so much! I understand that you are full of the same feelings that I have. I love it when you understand me. I love you when your heart is open and we can share love again.” The Love will pour out from your heart so deeply, that you will remember how much you love them again. All of the layers of emotion are cleared and Love is full without any anger, sadness, fear or guilt blocking it again. Love is the truth behind every relationship. The negative emotions block our ability to feel the real love that we feel for them.
Writing a Love Letter helps us to feel better. It takes practice to get out each layer of emotion and really feel the anger, the sadness, etc. The first time I wrote a Love Letter, I wrote fifteen pages! I wrote it to my father. By the end of the letter, I realized that all of my feelings to my father were feelings I had about my self. The first year I wrote Love Letters, I wrote over two hundred letters! They were all more than ten pages! Each time I wrote a letter, I felt better and could more easily accept my feelings and understand the person I was writing about. By the end of the year, I finally felt honest love for everyone. Now I can go through this process in ten minutes and feel 100% clear. Try it! You won’t like it when you first start to write, but by the end of your letter, you will feel clear. Remember this is for you not for you to give to the person you are writing about. Say whatever you need to say and exaggerate the feelings. It works!

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