And so it is with the greatest of pleasure that we can welcome you all to the New, in every sense of the word. For as you once again came together to pool your resources in the way that only you can, you once again managed to establish yourselves on a very new level of existence, one that has been unattainable for mankind up until now. But now, you have arrived, and alongside you a whole new world has come into being. We know that these words may be thought of as nothing more than fanciful pleasantries to those still mired within the old subsets, but to those of you already pulling in that enticing and oh so fresh new air into your lungs, you will be more than willing to agree upon these sentiments. For you know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the world you awakened to bears little resemblance to the one you left behind a few short hours ago.
Again, looking at this from a purely superficial perspective, nothing at all will seem to have changed, but again, the changes we refer to are so deep and so profound, they affect you all literally on a subatomic level. You see, this shift out from the old and into the New world is not one that is undertaken by way of hovering spacecrafts appearing before you to whisk you away to some hidden planet somewhere far, far away deep out in space. No, this transmigration that we speak of, is one that is undertaken by way of literally jumping from one frequency to the next. And even if the distance between these two stations is almost impossible to measure out by way of your rather crude ways of calculation, it is indeed equivalent to a very literal quantum leap, and the chasm between the two opposite stations could not have been deeper.

You see, what we are talking about, is a shift that is so profound, yet it takes part on a level that makes it nigh impossible for you to detect with any kind of apparatus you have yet to even develop. Yet, through that most discerning apparatus you already have at your disposal, namely your very own heart, you will know within every fibre of your being that what we talk about is indeed already a reality. For the shift that took place during that oft-mentioned and rightly lauded get-together you call your Gathering was such a monumental success, it will rank very high in the annals of mankind, once they get published in their entirety. You see, what you did has already changed so much, so yet again your old history books may as well already be relegated to the scrap heap, if such a thing even exists anymore. For you have already begun to fulfill your own dream of creating your very own paradise, one that will be the home of countless of your fellow humans too. For this is not merely something you did for your own amusement or indeed benefit. No, this is something you did for ALL, and now, the time will come for every single soul in existence on that old version of your world to take it upon themselves to go deep within and dig out that old contract they made with themselves before they entered their current body in that ancient version of your world that still goes by the name of Planet Earth. For remember, having a dual citizenship is no longer an option, so this time, it comes down to every single individual to make that choice, and to make it by way of the choice they already set down before they committed themselves to be present here at this very time in space.
For this time, you all came in fully aware of the fact that you would be given the option to act on that choice, for this time, it was not simply a matter of completing yet another one of an already seemingly endless line of human lives. No, this time, it was all about making a decisive decision, whether to agree to be a part of the upward spiraling effort, or whether to simply adhere to that already downward accelerating one. And yesterday you all stood there at the still point in between the two, for you where the focal point through which this incoming ray of light shone, and through this lens the light was scattered into a myriad of options, and so, you had the choice, and what you chose, was to lift yourselves to the highest available option. For you chose the bandwidth at the far outer reaches of the spectrum, and by doing just that, you set the pace for this upcoming process to one that far surpassed our expectations. For you declared yourselves ready and able to complete this journey in such a manner and at such a pace, the old timetable could once again also be relegated to the scrap heap, alongside your own history books.
You see, as we have pointed out again and again, this is done BY you, not for you, and even if the incoming light cannot be stopped, you can – if you so wish – slow down the effects of it. But the price you pay for this is indeed an added increase in intensity, for just like water held up behind a dam, the accumulated effect will indeed greatly magnify. But thanks to your splendid ability to carry through on your decision, you managed to almost outrun the light in your quest for pulling ahead of the flood. In other words, not only did you manage to push away every single one of the obstacles put in your way by some of your more hesitant fellow men, you also managed to increase the velocity of the incoming light by adding your – perhaps in some quarters – under-estimated formidable energetic “weight” to this forward propulsion, and by doing that, you literally completed what can only be deemed as the most impressive home run ever.
Forgive us for using these perhaps somewhat flippant phrases in describing what can only be termed as not just a life altering, but also a time altering event, but it is indeed also time to not just reflect a little upon what happened, but is also time to literally tune into the very lightness of it. For it is truly an event of the most joy-filled kind, especially for all those of your fellow men already hearing the cheering from their own core, the one that will begin to emerge from the very depths of themselves telling them “now I DO have a choice, I no longer need to complete this downward spiraling cycle that I entered as I entered this physical body in this very physical world. Now I have a new home I can move to, should I so wish to do so”. For remember, it is indeed up to each and every single soul to make that choice, that is not something we or you or anyone else can make for them, no matter how hard it may be to have to witness the outcome of any one single soul’s choice in this matter.
For the new world is for all, but it is not a place anyone can be forcibly moved to. It is a place that you must choose to relocate to, by allowing your heart to lead you there. It can be a process that takes as little time as blinking your eyes, or it can be a process that takes a lifetime, or even more. Be that as it may, the road towards tomorrow will be a long one for some, it will be an exhilarating short one for others, but for you, the journey is already complete. For you have already arrived, but again, you will have little time to rest on your well deserved laurels, for now, the work will once again start up, and it will do so with a brand new fervor, one that is perfectly suited to your brand new energetic environment, and one that is also necessary for the monumental tasks that await you. But alongside these tasks follows a deep sense of joy and wonder that is even greater, so we would not be surprised if we see you rubbing your hands in eagerness to literally begin to dig into it at the earliest of opportunities. After all, you have proven again and again that you would rather push ahead than linger when it comes to completing the tasks that beckons. For you are beings more than capable of doing, and in this, your very essence is one of getting this done – in the very best way and at the earliest of opportunities.
So take a little time to simply look around you, and also take a little time to peruse what you have left behind, and do to forget to take some time to pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself for a task well done. For it was YOU who did it, no one else, and so, you well and truly deserve all of the accolades you can get, and we certainly hope you can be more than a little generous with it towards yourself this time. For we do think you still have a way of not allowing yourself to truly see your own greatness, but this time, it is indeed high time that you all rise to the occasion and do just that in honor of who you are and in honor of what you have already accomplished. For it is nothing short of magnificent, and so too are you.