Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Lady Master Mother Fuji We Give You Our Gratitude and Love

Ever since i saw Mt.Fuji a few days ago, I have been feeling pulled back there again. I could feel the Masters calling me. I was so preoccupied with my course that I ignored the whispers calling me back to Fuji. Yesterday I woke up feeling that I really needed to go up the mountain and do ceremony to connect to both Mother Fuji and the Lady Masters who are holding council there.
It was a great day! The sun was shining so bright on the mountain and the energy was crystal clear. After driving around in circles for awhile, we finally found the road up the mountain. We were able to go as high as level four before the road was blocked due to snow.

As soon as we got out of the car we could see the top of the mountain so clearly. It was radiant with energy. I immediately felt the energy of Lady Portia, Maria, Lady Master Venus, and several others who were in high council. I could feel the Mother Fuji was very happy with their presence and grateful for all the love that has been sent to her in the last six months. The Lady Masters have been balancing Fuji’s energy and sending waves of love through her to all of Japan. She is getting stronger and more healthy.
We faced the mountain peak and held out our arms to Mother Fuji and all the Lady Masters there. i felt like my heart was going to burst! In fact, I am still feeling it today! What an amazing gift Mt. Fuji is for not only Japan but truly for the whole world. She is the perfection of all Mountains and the grace and beauty of all Japan. May we all hold her in our hearts and give thanks that she is such a wonderful guardian and mother to us all. Bless you Lady Goddess Mother Fuji!

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