Monday, December 15, 2014

Karen Dover ~“Sovereignty” versus the “I AM”

karen doonan


Today’s energies are increasing dramatically and mirroring that which resides deep within us at a very cellular level. Intense dreaming may help us also “decode” as it were that which is playing out “unconsciously” within our human life experience.  For within the old 3D earth created construct the human logical mind filters out that we incarnated into a body that was ALREADY CODED prior to our arrival energetically within it.  Within the old 3D earth created construct the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH has no say over the cellular structure of the human vehicle that is grown within the human female.  (This changes within the New Earth).  So many of us are filtering out the base cellular programming that is trying to re-establish itself within this our human life experience.
I have blogged about the “I AM” being a construct, this construct supports the construct that is termed “SOUL” and was created only for us to make sense of the outer waking reality that we were BORN INTO.  This reality is akin to a box, the human race is born into said “box” and the human vehicle is programmed via the “SOUL” to remain within the confines of said “box”.

To return to SOVEREIGNTY can only be achieved by taking out the “middle man” which in this case is the “SOUL”. The “SOUL” construct works against our expansion at all moments, continually trying to change our perception back to what IT is programmed to expect and to see. This is why at this moment the outer waking world appears to be so chaotic, at any one moment we may find ourselves moving between perceptions and then the human logical mind goes into a sort of overdrive, trying to solve the “puzzle” that the “SOUL” construct teaches us is there.
This leads to constructs such as “SOUL missions”, “SOUL groups” etc, with the human logical mind accepting that if we only find these constructs and work within them somehow we have solved the question of why we are here. This is highly distorted and the New Earth energies are seeking to address this at this time, clarity of vision sits beyond the “SOUL” construct, when we can have a clear and DIRECT connection to SOURCE which we are a reflection of. This means that we can translate our human life experience with NO outside influence from any other frequency and this returns us to SOVEREIGNTY in TRUTH.
SOVEREIGNTY and the “I AM” are two separate and distinct vibrations at opposite ends of the spectrum, they cannot exist together and one will repel the other. To have total control and creative license of our own human life experience we must reach SOVEREIGNTY, which allows us to birth our dreams upon the planet earth. Up until we reach this frequency we are shown duality, separation and the ego begins to take control of perception.  Again within the old 3d earth created construct the ego was TAUGHT as something to accept, it is not TRUTH and has no place in race that is evolving into UNITY through TRINITY.
At this moment the human life experience may be challenging, we may be faced with a reflection that seems to be the exact opposite of what we are expecting and this is because TRUTH JUST IS.  Our perception of TRUTH can and does change as we let go of that which no longer serves but TRUTH never changes, it stands in LIGHT.  Much has been hidden in plain view and filtered out by the teachings that now come to the surface to be released. To live in a new world in a new way means letting go of expectations and teachings, they cannot co-exist when we reach the frequency of SOVEREIGNTY.
To translate this to a human conscious waking mind level then SOVEREIGNTY is the KNOWING that YOU have complete creative control over what you wish to experience at a human level whilst in human form on this planet. This is what we are asked to embrace, the “SOUL” construct will attempt to teach us that we have already reached this and attempt to keep us within the frustrations of FEELing a New Earth but not physically connecting with it. We took human form in order to physically birth our dreams not just energetically touch them and we are asked at this time to understand and anchor this TRUTH.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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