Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Kannon is the Best Example of How to be Compassionate

When we think of Kannon, we usually forget that she is human. We think of her like a god, but she is not one of the gods. She is a perfected human being, a perfect Boddhisattva.
Kannon understands human suffering and pain. She knows that every human being can do better and change their life. She reaches out to us when we are in pain and lifts us up to where we can see a better path, a path out of suffering. She never judges any human in pain.

Pain is a signal that we need to change the way we understand life. We feelpain because we want our life to be the way our mind decides it must be, rather than looking to see what the universe wants. We push to achieve what we want and pain arises.
Kannon teaches us to let go and tune in. She teaches us to be gentle instead of pushing. She teaches us to love one another rather than judge or blame one another. Kannon teaches us the way of Peace and Compassion. Kannon teaches us the gentle path of Compassion rather than the ego driven way of force.

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