Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Conclusion of the “Separation of Worlds” in TRUTH

karen doonan


As the energies now begin to find their balance, many of us in our human form are now beginning to process that which we have walked. Huge energetic shifts will now see vast changes to our outer waking reality. No longer bound by the lower dimensional frequencies of the old 3D earth created construct manifestation of the higher frequencies into an altered outer reality will rapidly unfold.
It is not that the old 3D earth created construct will just vanish overnight, it will no longer trigger and therefore place a pause or hold on expansive movement. At a human conscious waking mind level this sees the “struggle” effectively dissolved for no triggering means that the walk upon planet earth comes with ease and grace and no longer worry about whether you will be accepted or not.

This festive season may be unlike anything the human race have ever experienced  for this reason. The energies at all moments expanding and shifting. Many will not notice the smooth transition until they are made aware of it. So used to struggle the past linear 2 yrs our human logical minds will continually try to teach us that this will be ongoing and this is not TRUTH. Indeed the challenge is always to detach from the assumptions of our human logical mind which sees no change and is taught only to repeat and to look for patterns it recognizes.
These patterns were from the old 3D earth created construct and no longer exist outside of any reference markers our human logical mind has held onto. Many in human form are still attempting to continue these patterns and as these are not TRUTH and were created FOR the human race they will begin to dissolve fully.
The difference between a created FOR and a co creation is the frequency of the manifestation and this can only be felt from within the heart space. As we move in energy signature and allow the LOVE that IS to flow through us, around us and within us then we will automatically feel when something is containing regardless of how it is presented to us.
At this time we are asked simply to acknowledge a way of life that was created FOR us now no longer works and that we are now given the opportunity to co create with SOURCE. Some will embrace this, some will ignore it and some will reject it. This is a planet now of freewill and the choices have been made at SOURCE level where we originated into energy.
It is to be noted this is beyond SOUL level and the SOUL will continue to attempt to teach the distortion of the old 3D earth created construct. It was designed and created FOR the human race, it was not a co creation and is therefore not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. This will be shown in TRUTH over the coming linear weeks as the human race begin to reach the pivot point beyond which the SOUL cannot reach.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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