Thursday, December 11, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Blending and finding balance in TRINITY
The energies of the last linear 24 hours have increased dramatically and many of us are finding that our relationships are changing rapidly. The balance that is required at this time is to balance the duality that we have been taught to live within with the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, this brings us into TRINITY, this is one plus one equals 3.  Within the old 3D earth created reality there is polarity of duality, this is to say that we are taught black or white, left or right, hot or cold etc.   There is a BALANCE to be found that can only be found when anchoring the LOVE that IS that brings us into TRINITY, human plus the LOVE that IS equals creation.
In the Universe of 3 all is BALANCE and the duality of the old 3D earth created reality will attempt to hide this balance from us.  Many of us at this time are finding that we are not supported by the universe in an “either/or” decision and this is due to TRINITY and the BALANCE that is achieved at this frequency.

Energies will continue to heighten and to expand in order for us to move into BALANCE in this our human form.  Relationships will morph and change as we become WHOLE, this is to say that we do not need to “fix” those around us, we have the choice to be in balance with ALL and to allow those around us to BE as they choose to be without this becoming triggering.  I would state clearly that this applies to ALL relationships whether it be parent/child/, husband,/wife, brother/sister etc.
A race that has been taught to anchor and to live only within duality will take some linear time to adjust to the TRINITY and BALANCE that is now available. If you are at this time at a moment where the “either/or” option is not available to you I would guide you to look for the “middle ground” and to FEEL into this.  Expansion is achieved beyond SELF and as the human race now moves in BALANCE it will then evolve into UNITY, this is the knowing that ALL ARE ONE but accepting and acknowledging the very personal and unique reflection that each human vehicle is to ALL.
We are moving towards a major energetic gateway which is between the linear dates of the 12th to the 15th December, it is to be remembered at all moments that the outer “date” is not fixed, some of us will move through this gateway at this linear time-frame point whilst others will be slightly before and slightly after, ALL is NOW but ALL is a frequency so the actual definition of this gateway is almost irrelevant. Those of you who FEEL the shift will progress through this shift and those who do not FEEL will FEEL at their unique crossing point.
The human race now are moving towards ZERO POINT where linear time will dissolve, again some of you may have already reached and gone beyond this point and others will only now be approaching it. The human logical mind may attempt to filter my words out for it will attempt to reject the concept entirely. The human logical mind has been taught that a linear “past, present and future” is the only way in which to interpret any information that is ingested.  As you move out of linear time and past “zero point” this becomes less of an issue as you move into the UNITY frequency it is no longer a trigger for your human mind and the human life experience begins to deepen and expand dramatically.
Changes in the outer waking reality will continue to expand, perceptions will change allowing for the human race as a whole to understand where we are evolving to and beyond. I would guide all to understand the vastness of what is occurring and to be very aware of the intentions that are sent out at this time. Manifestation will now speed up, personal experience has shown me over and over again that prayer and intention DOES manifest and it is increasing in both depth and expansion.
At this time we are asked to be pro-co-creative, this is to say that we are asked to send out our creations to the universe and to allow co-creation by holding intent and reaching out to the wider universe and GOD. For this is TRINITY in TRUTH, always we are working with GOD to reach expansion and creation. Indeed it is not possible to create without the interaction and acknowledgement of both our own power and that which is now available to all at this time. Major transformation and major transition now unfolds around, through and within the human race.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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