Saturday, December 13, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Re-alignment of KEY energy points in the human vehicle

karen doonan

Many of you are more than aware of the different energy centers and points within the human vehicle.  As a race we the human race are now accelerating into our evolution.  This means that our human vehicles are now moving and shifting and EVOLVING from the human vehicles we first of all incarnated into when we first arrived in our human form upon this planet.  It is often filtered out by our human logical minds that changes are taking place, after all when we look in the mirror we see the “same” reflection beam back at us.
It is not TRUTH to assume that the human vehicle will remain in a static state whilst the ENERGY that WE ARE in TRUTH begins to anchor, this is not possible. The ENERGY that WE ARE in TRUTH is vast and the flooding energies that are now incoming are helping raise the human vehicle as well as the planet’s energy signature. The energy centers of the old 3D earth created construct version of the human vehicle are different to the ones that evolve as we move into alignment with the New Earth.  It is not TRUTH therefore to try to take information and “ways” of working with energy through into the New Earth. Many of you at this time are preparing to share with the wider world the evolution that you have birthed into said wider world in relation to energy and energy centers.

Indeed to try to “fix” the human vehicle in the ways in which we have been taught within the old 3D earth created construct keeps us in a holding pattern. Much emphasis is placed at this time on the heart space and this is to be commended after all we have been kept out of our heart space for eternity. But just as we cannot just focus on one point and expect to see the wider picture we must allow the human vehicle to move ALL of its energy centers into alignment with the New Earth frequency realities.
The root of what is called in “spiritual” terms the SOUL construct is at the SOULAR plexus, when removing the overlay that is the SOUL construct this energy centre evolves and moves fully into alignment with the HEART space and the ROOT Chakra, all 3 working together to co-create, this is not possible whilst the SOUL construct is in place for the SOUL construct prevents this working. It is seated at the SOULAR plexus to prevent TRINITY from anchoring.  WE ARE after all ENERGY in TRUTH and as such we can have a direct connection to GOD/Universe, why would we need the “middle man” that is the “SOUL”?  Trinity is created from ENERGY in TRUTH + GOD/Universe = Co-Creation.   The SOUL works to prevent this at all moments, it is the filing cabinet if you will of our “karmic” experiences which are null and void in relation to the New Earth frequency realities.
In many aspects we are born anew but whilst we are still awake and living within our human vehicles, again the human logical mind filters this out, we are taught that “dying” involves releasing the human vehicle and then returning to SOURCE. This perception is keeping many of us static and preventing us from releasing the old 3d earth created construct EXPERIENCE fully.  Moving into the New Earth frequency realities is being born anew into a New World and experiencing a new way of living and being in TRUTH whilst remaining in our human vehicle.
At this time we are asked to allow the full flow of the energies as they now flood across, within and around our human vehicles. Physical symptoms can be eased by simply letting go and listening to our human vehicles for our body will talk to us, we seldom listen. To hold “ascension symptoms” as a form of confirmation that the process is unfolding is a distortion, there is no requirement to be in pain or anxiety or discomfort, any “symptoms” are the body trying to move into alignment whilst releasing.  Go INTO the symptom and ask what it is trying to show you and then allow the release. It is entirely possible to get caught up in the whole “ascension” construct and many are at this time.
“Ascension” is the phase prior to EVOLUTION and full EVOLUTION is now underway, the only way to work with this is to LET GO and TRUST the process for we have incarnated in order to experience both the process and the EVOLUTION at a human conscious waking mind level.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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