Friday, December 12, 2014

Méline Portia Lafont ~New things to share

NEW things to share

So this month of December is truly about finalizing some old processes of releasing the old Self to start the actualization and opening of the gates of your Multidimensional experience with a Higher ability to contain Light.  Truly experience the fading away of another one of your old Layers as you become the renewed Self on a deeper level in the year of 2015.  You can experience and feel now how these actualizations are taking place in your cellular physical structure with a strong nudge towards lightbody activation in this physical experience.  As you hold more Light moment by moment you are now receiving the opportunity to start and embody this on a physical and planetary level.

The Portal of 12-12 is another Gateway and passage into the Heart of All Creation and it leaves nobody behind.  Truly ground your crystalizing consciousness and structure to embed the Earth with your Light.

Read all about it in my previous article from November 29, 2014 about the accelerated energies in the month of December HERE

So, here is where I can assist you with by means of services, tools and through my website as I have made some new things available for you (for free) and I have put some tools into a big discount.  This to assist you in this last month of the year 2014 to release the Old Self and to be prepared for the rebirth of the New Self reality.

Free tools:  * There are new languages available concerning the free Ebook "Steps of Transformation" by the Ascended Masters of the Far East.  These are now available in German, Portuegese and French as well. So pass these on to your foreign friends, they are free after all and these tools have assisted so many.  You or your friends may benefit from these as well.
* There are audios and invocations made available on the website to download for free as well.  Take a look on the webiste and have a feel of what resonates with you.

You can find all the free tools HERE

Discount Services and Tools:  * "The activation Higher Dimensional Body Templates of Sirius and the Pleiades" is now offered on a discount rate of 50%.  These are excellent tools to assist you in the activation and integration of your Galactic Templates as well as the merging with your Higher Self.  These have brought amazing activations and experiences for many, so these are worth to take a look at as well.  You an find these in discount HERE

* The Channeling Course Module 1 and 2 are now in discount and are available as a package  In English and Dutch.  A wonderful gift to offer yourself or a loved one to assist in the awakening of the Self and the re-connection with the Self.  Who doesn't want that?!You can find this discount package HERE

NOTE ON CHANNELING COURSE :  Module 1 and 2 are now in Portuguese as well ! The audios are translated into Portuguese too.  These will be online around the Hollidays.  For the ones who are following the Channeling course : Module 3 is halfway finished and I am aiming this to be finished and online in the month of January 2015.  A lot has come into my life these past few months as to where I had lack of time to continue this process of creating the 3th Module, but I have started the creation now, so bare with me please.  It is arriving soon around the timeframe of January 2015.

*  The Ethereal Crystal and Gold Reiki Attunements are now in a package with a discount of 50%.  These attunements are all about empowering and awakening the power within you.  You can find those HERE

* Last but not least are the new Readings from Merlin which are now offered at introduction prices!  There are 2 versions available which offer you in both cases a reading and a Channeled Fire Code from Merlin.  The expanded version allows 4 questions to be asked and additional are there channeled Key codes from Merlin as well.  Merlin gives you a clear view from a direct and honest approach with a touch of Humor.  No sugarcoating but that is what I love so much about Merlin and his honesty.  A teacher and beautiful gift which offers you a Magical experience.
You can find these HERE
Note that up until Now the Merlin readings along with the Typed readings are full booked till 17th of January. 

Many beautiful friends have send me testimonials of their experiences with my services and work, and how these tools have affected and shifted their path.  If you are interested to see what makes these all so special you can read these testimonials HERE

Love you all and I AM grateful for you being in my life.
Méline Portia Lafont <3

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