Sunday, December 21, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Cellular anger and the root of all illusion

karen doonan

Many of us over the last linear 24 plus hours may have been shown the cellular imprint which is referenced as “anger”  This anger is anchored at the cellular level throughout the human race via the human male but is transferred and distorted through the human female.  We need only go back to the garden of Eden and the cellular distortion that occurred between the humans that are referenced to us “Adam” and “Eve” and the interference of the Neburians which claim title to the Nephilim. The Nephilim walked the planet earth and are a much later EVOLVED offshoot of the Neburians. This is to say that they genetically separated from Planet X and are no longer within their universe, dimensionally separate and highly evolved.

It is to be remembered that the “original sin” was more than just eating an apple, it paved the way for the distortion that is SEPARATION between the human male and the human female. With two separate and very distinct languages being formed for each, that is the human male interprets the world and language in a DIFFERENT way to the human female.  This cellular anger has been handed down and distorted through eternity, human males angry and human females angry, the human male anger is usually displayed physically and the human female usually passively but BOTH ARE DESTRUCTIVE. The levels of cellular anger within the human race have peaked and it is this cellular anomaly that is now being released.

Anger is the anchoring point of the old 3d earth created construct and is used to dis-assemble the human vehicle in various ways, disease patterns can be linked to patterns of anger, passive anger will start to dissolve the DNA and the tissues of the human vehicle.  Anger is taught as something to be ashamed of and this furthers the teaching that anger must never be displayed. So many family structures and disease patterns are built on this distortion.

The New Earth seeks to anchor TRUTH and the LOVE that IS at the core of creation, in a universe that is built on the LOVE that IS there is no anchoring point for anything that is not of a high frequency.  At this time we are being asked to look at our own anger and to acknowledge that we are taught anger as a form of separation. Anger is held between humans at various levels, when we feel that we have been “wronged”, when we feel that we have been “attacked” and this colors the way in which we can look out onto our outer waking reality. Many of us are surrounded by people who are displaying various forms of anger and we are taught to step away from it. How challenging is it to sit for example with a child who is angry and really acknowledge AND LISTEN to their anger without being triggered ourselves?

This is how the old 3d earth created construct survived, by triggering the cellular anger that sits at a level that many cannot acknowledge, it runs hidden below the human conscious waking mind always coloring and always distorting. At this time we are asked to let go of this cellular imprint for it is not TRUTH, it was created by a species that ignored galactic law and sought to experiment with a race that has been held in limbo for eternity.

As the corridor between worlds now comes to a close ALL cellular distortion will be removed from those who have at a SOURCE level incarnated in order to walk in the New Earth.  This allows them to walk the planet with NO triggers from the old 3D earth created construct, instead they walk the planet radiating the higher frequencies and building a NEW EARTH from the ashes of the old 3d earth created construct.  It is not possible to walk physically in the New Earth whilst holding on to the cellular distortions that created the old 3d earth REALITY.  It was a created reality that now can no longer exist in this higher vibrational space which is the universe of 3.

At this time we are being asked to have compassion for ALL, to hand back that which we were GIVEN in the form of illusion so that we may CHOOSE to walk in PEACE and the LOVE that IS.  TRUTH JUST IS, perception of TRUTH is what has hidden it from us for eternity. For those who are now aligning fully with SOURCE this will be confirmed through you, around you and within you as you now stand on the edge of a NEW REALITY, a new way of interacting and of BEing in this your human form upon the planet that is called Earth.
Not all will move at the one time for there is no servitude in this, ALL who have incarnated onto this planet at this time are here for their own personal reasons but ALL are held in the LOVE that IS from SOURCE.  The human logical mind now gives way to KNOWLEDGE from SOURCE that pours through the human race at this time. FOR WE ARE IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH, NOTHING can stop this creation for it has been eternity in its unfolding and this will also be confirmed at personal and unique reality levels.

Never again shall the human race walk in darkness for the LIGHT is born anew upon a planet that was created in LOVE and shrouded in darkness.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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