Friday, December 19, 2014

Karen Dover ~ The Constructs that are “HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS”

karen doonan


All around us it appears as if the outer waking world is moving faster and faster into chaos.  To the naked human eye this chaos is “out of order”, our human logical minds are taught from the moment we take our first breath on this planet that there is a natural “order” and it must be adhered to at all moments. This “natural order” is taught to us as linear logic and it is not TRUTH to say it is any way natural. We as a species have been taught to look out onto the world and to place the outer waking world into our PERCEPTION of what natural order looks like.   This is done partly with the use of technology.  Believe it or not you do not need an alarm clock to get up in the morning, we are simply taught that we “need” the alarm.  Our own internal body clocks would wake us if we simply held the intention to wake up when we needed to.

At this time our human relationships are moving into a more universal flow, this sees them move out of the perceived “natural” order that we have been taught.  All over the planet at this time many are attempting to place the “template” of what a particular relationship is over the relationships that they have. This is causing vast frustration for the construct that we have been taught to reference is not TRUTH.  We tend to place unwritten rules on relationships depending on the label of relationship we are looking at. Therefore we define our “parents, “siblings”, “colleagues” etc.   As this is not TRUTH it is not re-anchoring in the higher New Earth frequencies, there are no rules to relationships, why would we file certain people with certain “placeholders” if we claim to love all who are in our human lives?

As we move further towards the closure of the corridor between worlds the constructs that we have been taught in regard to human relationships will continue to dissolve and break down. Many will attempt to build them again and find that they are unable to.  ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.  Within the old 3d earth created construct we are taught repeatedly to “file” our experience and to constantly rely on this as we move through our lives. This also is dissolving for what we have “experienced” can never be experienced in the same way ever again. It is not possible to drink the same cup of coffee more than once in exactly the same way. ALL shifts and changes.

At this time upon this planet this is bringing up huge fear, many of us are looking to our relationships and questioning them, many are in fear of “losing” relationships for they have anchored the construct and template to such a level that they may believe that without certain people in certain “roles ” in their waking lives that their lives do not make sense and this is what the human logical mind will continue to try and re-enforce. Why does the outer waking life experience have to be pinned down to the level that it has?  Many would answer because it gives as sense of “security” but this is an illusion, we have no control over anything that other people do even if we are taught by the old 3d earth created construct that we do.  What other people do is their choice, we can only take responsibility for our own actions and how we treat others.

As this holiday season now begins to fully unfold then I would urge you to take a few moments to let go and BE and to allow the unfolding of TRUTH, for ALL that is TRUTH will strengthen and all that is not will dissolve, from a human conscious waking mind level this may not be very obvious. It may appear that our relationships are dissolving when in TRUTH they are simply re-arranging themselves to deeper levels of TRUTH.  Our human eyes can persuade us that everything is other than it is in TRUTH. Holding on tightly to “how things should be” will keep us in deep frustration and prevents the expansion that we are now asked to allow to unfold around us, through us and within us.

Moving into a New Earth involves letting go a structured reality that we have simply been TAUGHT to adhere to. The challenge always is to allow this flow for the human logical mind may put a very interesting argument with regard to the loss of “structure”. The universe is by DESIGN, just because our human eyes cannot always see this design does not negate said design. Our internal map is our heart space, when it FEELS good then it is good to use a very human word.  FEEL your relationships, for they will cease to make logical sense for LOVE JUST IS, it cannot be defined for it is vastly more than we have ever been allowed to experience in this our human form.

Stand fully in the LOVE that IS and radiate this frequency around you, through you and within you knowing that ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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