Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Housekeeping is underway…keep an open mind, allow the new!! by Elizabeth Truthwin

This is not a channel I usually post, however, when you read this with open heart and mind, it all makes sense.  The only way change can happen is with alot of cleansing…stay open to it or stay in 3D. It’s that simple. I know some have left, but they agreed to and the time for letting go is now!
Read this and allow your third eye to SEE…as it will show itself if you allow it to.

October Surprise in Process a Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, October 30, 2012
Greetings. This is Lord Sananda. A very large storm on the East Coast of the United States with anticipation of changes and Inner Knowing all combined are causing a lot of Light Workers emotional turmoil. Cries of What is HAPPENING!?! Is being heard from near and far.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My TAUK sessions: SaLuSa: the power of united intent (as channeled t...

My TAUK sessions: SaLuSa: the power of united intent (as channeled t...: 29 october 2012 SaLuSa (...) Not one step is taken without our knowing about it, we are with you every step of the way and things are ...

There is no way back into the darkness, only into the light and the knowledge is remaining for all candidates on Ascension – Jesus through Isabel Henn October 30, 2012

We are now nearing the end of the year and against a whole series of events that will unfold in the coming days. The revelations are imminent and they bring lots of news and relief for you.

It is very important that you decide consciously and with all your heart if you are for Ascension or against it, since you have your free will. All those who are not ready yet,  do not need to worry, their lives will simply continue, but it will be much easier for them because there will remain no negative energies on their 3D earth. The Earth will be populated lower than before and the subconscious mind of all those who remain will retain some memory. This makes it easier to keep moving on the path to light.

Divine Channelings by Mercy : ~ Channeled message from Lady Mercedes of the viol...

Divine Channelings by Mercy : ~ Channeled message from Lady Mercedes of the viol...: “You will fly like swallows among the Spring, this Spring can not be taken from you” Dearest ones, finally I am able to lend my voice ...

My prayers, thoughts and my Violet Flame are with all of you readers, family and friends who might be present where this Storm of Sandy is present.  Sending an amount of Love , healing and violet colours towards you all and your land ♥♥  Méline ♥♥

Monday, October 29, 2012

Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel ~~ The Mastery of the violet ray stands ready, make yourself prepared now ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 30/10/2012

Greetings, precious ones, we are Archangel Zadkiël and Saint Germain of the Violet Ray. We are at your service today to transmit a message in the here and now.

Allow me, Saint Germain, to begin firstly with this message of Love for all  of you. Once again, I greet you most cordially because I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Being the Master of the Violet Ray I want to elaborate further as to our magnificent and powerful colour of being. It is the perfection of purity and power which we represent in our true being. The Ray of the Violet colour is one of the most powerful forces which is at your disposal here on Earth and into Infinity! We replenish where necessary and convert the most dire dangers and impurities into the most natural and wonderful perfections.

Our Violet Ray is at your disposal so use it as you see fit and as much as you want for it is yours too! We stand here now as Masters and rulers of this Ray to transmit this beautiful Violet Ray throughout the whole world on which you dwell, because the perfection of being is what’s now in store for you. This Violet Ray is capable of providing to you the most overwhelming ideas and than to transmit them into the genuine reality, the peaceful society which is reflecting its astonishing purity before your sparkling eyes of Light.

Saint Germain en Aartsengel Zadkiël ~~ De Meesterschap van de violette straal staat klaar, maak u in gereedheid nu ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont 30/10/2012

Gegroet geliefden van ons, wij zijn Aartsengel Zadkiël en Saint Germain van de violette straal ter uwe beschikking vandaag om een boodschap te delen in het nu, in het heden.

Laat mijzelf, Saint Germain als allereerste beginnen met deze boodschap vol Liefde naar uw allen toe.  Ik groet u allen weer van Harte, voor ik hou zoveel van uw allen van ganser harte!  Als Meester van de Violette Straal wil ik u allen het 1 en het andere bijschaven over onze prachtige en machtige kleur van zijn.  Het is de perfectie van puurheid en kracht die wij representeren in onze ware zijn.  De straal van de violette kleur is 1 van de zeer machtige krachten die ter jullie beschikking staat hier op Aarde en in het oneindige.  Wij vullen aan waar nodig is en zetten de ergste gevaren en onzuiverheden om in de meest natuurlijke en wonderlijke perfecties.

Neem onze violette straal ter uwe beschikking en gebruik ze naar uwe genoegen zoveel u maar wil, ze is de uwe ook!  Wij staan hier nu als Meesters en heersers hiervan klaar om ten alle tijden deze prachtige violette Straal over te brengen naar de ganse wereld waarop jullie leven, voor de perfectie jullie nu te wachten staat.  Ze is in staat om de meest overweldigende ideeën van uw allen over te brengen naar de echte werkelijkheid, de vredige samenleving met elkaar en de prachtige puurheid te weerspiegelen voor uw fonkelende ogen van Licht.

Just a few steps more and you can cross the finish line victorious – Lady Maria through Isabel Henn October 28, 2012

My beloved children, you find yourself just in a little rest until the next portal on 11.11. Use this rest please to strengthen yourselves for the next burst of energy. Rest more, nourish yourselves lighter and also drink more good water. Many of you now heed our advice, but unfortunately there are also many that feed still too heavy and rest too little. They eat too much fat and highprocessed food, run around all day and at night, its no wonder that they are completely exhausted. We don’t give you this advice, because it just comes into our mind, but because we want you to come as good as possible through these turbulent times. Your bodies have to work so much, not only through the process of transformation, but also by your labor, which is often very stressful. And then in your leisure time you pack your days full and wonder why you have increasing fatigue. Haven’t we been telling you for months that you need more rest? Please my children, for yourselves, not for us, do yourselves a favor. Your bodies and your whole constitution will be grateful for it. An hour of sleep more or a short rest for lunch will have you doing much better.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Whenever you feel attacked, you are allowing the unreal to affect your mind

One of the many delightful things that you will discover when you awaken from your rather long sleep is how bright, clear, and enthusiastically alive everything appears to be, and this will not just be due to appearances, for those are of the illusion.  And as you become more in alignment with being fully awake, fully conscious, the strength of those sensations will intensify as your ability to experience them grows.  It will not be an instantaneous awakening into the full brilliance of God’s Presence because that would be overwhelming for you at first; instead the brilliance will increase gently at the pace that is most suited to your growing abilities to align yourselves with them.

It is all available to each of you at all times. – channeled by Ron Head

Greetings, dear friends.  Let us begin a conversation on the subject of communication.  You are at both a disadvantage and a marked advantage in your communication with us.  On the one hand, you have no material source that you can point to and say, “This is where the information comes from.”  On the other, you are learning the true source of all ideas and concepts, and also how to tap into the infinite field of knowledge and wisdom that is available to all of you.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Inside the Human Heart Lies Much Love and Compassion -27 Oct 2012- Message from Higher Consciousness and SaLuSa, channelled by Multidimensional Ocean

Dear friends, if you could only see your courage and your love for one another from above. Much of you are unsuspecting of the immense sea of treasures hidden inside the human heart. Many of you are only beginning to awake to the possibilities of the heart.
The heart never stops loving and growing. It never stops believing and hoping in a better world. It does not do so foolishly, but in full knowledge of the human potential as well as the obstacles in the path to love and truth.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Konstantinos: A Loving Message From My Company Of Light

We consist a big company here. There is a big gathering around you this time. Same goes for the other souls too, regardless the path they have chosen for now. A big, much bigger gathering exists around beloved Gaia. Through guided meditations or astral projection, you are able to view the legions of Masters, Angels and Starfleets that enclose you, having as their purpose your protection from possible obstacles for your Transmigration and also, their intention is to observe the transaction of the Divine Plan through you, trough your choices. We admire you a lot.

 Iltheos:  Since you started to maintain spiritual progress, regarding the remembrance of your true self and of spiritual truths, our fear and particularly our concern for your collective journey, was replaced by Hope and Happiness. You see, the danger that arised from the construction of your atomic bomb, would not influence only you and Earth but also, the worlds around you and it would discompose the frequencies and dimensions. This happened to a specific degree.

Lady Portia ~~ The dawn of a new era ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 26/10/2012

Precious Hearts of mine, I go by the name of Lady Portia and I greet you all sincerely and respectfully with an abundance of Love and Light. I welcome you all in my enlightened energy and Presence as the I AM that I AM. I bless you all and you may take my word for it that I love you all so immensely deep with all of my heart!

It appears that all of you and all of us have taken an enormous step upward to your enlightenment. All ties to that end have now duly been cut and it is all so crystal clear how all will proceed from now on. Expect the wonder and awe of Ascension to present itself in a way you’ve never experienced before. The fact that you have brought this about in a collective way makes it all the more wonderfully beautiful for all of you and for the world. The collective context in which this came about, seals your decision for enlightenment on a global scale.Moreover, it also seals your own self-being and your decision to go ahead in this life and beyond.

Lots of hearts amongst you have clearly chosen to free themselves from the wheel of karma and not to return and just to evolve further on and out of this illusion. Of those beings it is now expected that they will, once and for all, get out of it in a most “Masterly” way. That decision was a long way in the making, it certainly wasn’t decided overnight. First those souls had to wrestle with duality and its tricks destined to keep you all in an image of low self-esteem, granting you the wisdom as small as a nut.

Lady Portia ~~ Het aanbreken van een nieuw tijdperk ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont 26/10/2012

Geliefde Harten van me, ik ga bij de naam van Lady Portia en ik groet uw allen van harte en met de meeste hoogachting en respect naar jullie toe in een overvloed van Liefde en Licht.  Ik verwelkom jullie allen in mijn verlichtende energie en presentie als zijnde IK BEN dat IK BEN.  Ik zegen uw allen en geloof me vrij dat ik ontzettend van uw allen hou met ganser harte!

Het blijkt zo te zijn dat jullie en wij allen weer een enorme stap hebben gezet naar jullie verlichting toe!  De knopen hiervoor zijn nu doorgehakt en alles is maar zo duidelijk als kan zijn hoe het nu zal verder gaan: een pracht en praal van Ascentie staat jullie te wachten als nooit tevoren.  Het feit dat jullie dit collectief hebben aangebracht maakt het net zo wonderlijk mooi voor jullie allen en de wereld ♥  Dit collectieve verband verzegeld jullie beslissing tot verlichting en dit globaal zoals geweten, maar het verzegeld ook uw eigen zelf zijn en uw beslissing om vooruit te gaan in dit leven en daarbuiten.

Er zijn vele harten onder jullie die duidelijk beslist hebben om niet weder te keren en enkel maar verder te evolueren uit deze Illusie en worden nu verwacht om hier eens en voor altijd uit te stappen in een meest Meesterlijke wijze.  Deze beslissing is niet over 1 nacht gemaakt door deze harten maar er is enorm lang over gedaan om tot deze te komen, eerst moest er nog geworsteld worden met de dualiteit en zijn misleidingen om jullie allen tot verlaging in zelfbeeld te houden en jullie de wijsheid te geven die zo groot is als een noot.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

As multi-dimensional beings, we can help thousands simultaneously without lessening our help in that – Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn October 24, 2012

Once again I would like to speak to you through this channel. Time seems to fly for you, this impression is correct. There are only a few weeks left in this year, a few weeks in which you can still prepare yourselves for the big event at the end of this age.

Those of you who are awake for quite some time already have done a great job and can now calmly look into the future. This is all but not to be discouraging for those who are only now awakening or recently awakened. There is still plenty of “time” available for you and those who have long been “awake” have prepared the way for you. They have groped and probed, stretched their antennae, and prepared the way for you. They know how to release karma without having to relive it again, and they also know what is important and unimportant. We do not lovingly call them “Wayshower” or “Trailblazer” for nothing. You can confidently turn to them to learn what is needed for Ascension.
I will still like to repeat for you. The 3 magic words are: “unconditional love”, “do not judge” and “forgiveness”. As a fourth is to be added “karma resolution”.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Divine Channelings by Mercy : Message from the Blue ray ~El Morya, Archangel Mic...

Divine Channelings by Mercy : Message from the Blue ray ~El Morya, Archangel Mic...: Blue lights are filling your hearts, those blue lights sent from us, we are making sure all fronts are covered up, for all of you, to be...

SaLuSa – What Remains to Be Looked into Before the End of the Year – 23 Oct 2012, Message channelled by Multidimensional Ocean.

Many of you feel nervous as the end of the year approaches. We understand your position and would like for you to imagine and project the best reasonable outcome for you and for your planet for the end of the year. Ascension will be an individual process, and a very subtle one at that. You may not even realize how far you have come and how far you will be by the end of 2012.
Some of you are already ascended and do relay with the Higher Realms on continuous basis. For those, Ascension has already taken place, and there will be very little difference to the way they feel now by the end of 2012.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Dolphin Collective ~~ Cooperation; you are the notes creating the most wonderful melody ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 23/10/2012

We greet you, our lovely ones, and welcome you most heartily! We are so excited to be able to meet you once again through this message and to share our energies with each other. We love all of you so dearly!!

♥ Be cheerful, even more than you usually are, because your hard work and your focus on that important day of October 21st, 2012, which you named “the day of decision", has brought about many things. This collective thinking combined with your earnest efforts has loosened many issues for the benefit of you all, my lovely ones. This is the joining of hands that we have often stressed as being an important part of the process and this is what we mean by that. It is heartwarming to see you react collectively and no longer remaining in a waiting stance till it is all delivered at your doorsteps so to speak, for in all honesty, my lovely ones, this will never be the case.  We want to emphasize in all honesty to all of you, that you are the ones who must get their act together and do it yourselves whereafter the higher worlds and the Lightworld will cooperate to bring it to fruition.  Those countless lessons you have learned are now bearing fruits. The awareness for cooperation and the notion that you create it yourself have both been duly reached, and from now on there will be nothing but reaping the fruits of your labor. Hurray, we have unmistakably reached this important level!  Does this not sound like music to your ears?

Imagine a beautiful piece of music, composed by Mozart or by Beethoven for instance, or whatever music you prefer to hear. See and feel the notes, the vibrations of these refined sounds taking on their characteristics and presenting themselves to you. These are the refined characteristics of that song, which is created through a beautiful melody forming itself into one totality, one whole. It has remarkable virtues and it evokes things within yourself just by listening to it, it enlightens you. As a human being you can be compared to a specific note and only the tightest form of cooperation can deliver a great variance in which the most beautiful song and the most astonishing melody can ever be created. Cooperation is the spirit behind life, behind all of this. Now that you have collectively reached this goal we would appreciate it if you would continue to cooperate even closer in this last, but most important momentum, as a preparatory phase for your upliftment, which will happen globally.

Dolfijn Collectief ~~ Samenwerking, jullie zijn de noten op een partituur die de meest wonderlijke melodie creëert ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont 23/10/2012

Wij groeten u, onze geliefden, en verwelkomen u van Harte! Wij zijn zo opgetogen om jullie weer eens te kunnen ontmoeten in deze boodschap, en om onze energieën te delen met elkaar.  Wij houden zo ontzettend van jullie allen!!!

Wees opgetogen, nog meer dan anders, want jullie harde werk en concentratie op de belangrijke dag van 21 Oktober 2012, de welke jullie "de dag van beslissing" noemden, heeft enorm veel los gewerkt.  Dit collectieve denken en deze harde inspanningen maken vele zaken los die uw allen ten gunste zijn, mijn geliefden.  Dit is de handen in elkaar slaan, zoals wij al zo dikwijls de nadruk op hebben gelegd; dit is wat we daar mee bedoelen.  Het pleziert ons enorm dit te zien, en jullie niet meer te zien afwachten tot alles jullie wordt voorgeschoteld want in alle eerlijkheid, zal dit nooit het geval zijn, mijn geliefden.  In alle oprechtheid naar jullie toe, willen wij toch benadrukken dat jullie alles moeten doen en alles zelf doen, en de hogere wereld en de licht wereld brengt dit mede tot uitvoering.  Dat zijn al die talloze lessen die nu zijn vruchten zijn aan het afwerpen.  Het besef tot samenwerking en het zelf creëren is bereikt, en nu zal er niets anders dan vruchten kunnen geraapt worden.  Hoera, we zijn tot dit belangrijke level geraakt!  Is dit niet als muziek klinken in de oren?

♥ Beeld jullie een pracht van een nummer in, noem het Mozard of Beethoven of wat je ook graag hoort.. En zie en voel de noten, de trillingen van deze verfijnde geluiden hun eigenheid aannemen en zich presenteren voor uzelf.  Deze zijn de verfijnde eigenschappen van het lied, de welke een pracht van een melodie creëren en zich tot een totaliteit en geheel vormen.  Het heeft bijzondere eigenschappen en het brengt dingen los bij u wanneer u hiernaar luistert; het brengt verlichting.  Wel, u bent 1 voor 1 een noot en enkel de grootste samenwerking kan zorgen voor een grote variatie in dewelke op zich het mooiste lied en melodie ooit gecreëerd wordt.  Dat is de spirit achter het leven, achter dit alles; samenwerking.  Nu is ook dit doel allen bereikt door jullie en zouden we het erg fijn vinden om dit nog meer en nog nauwer te zien plaatsvinden in deze laatste maar meest belangrijkste momentum als voorbereidende fase voor jullie verheffing, dewelke globaal gebeurd.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Archangel Michael and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings, Beloveds,  Light of the Divine,  Light of the Universes, Light of Creator of All-That-Is, that you all are.

We come before you today to speak of the Shift in Consciousness that you are all a part of, that you all play such an important part in.

Behold the changes in your bodies, physical and light bodies alike. You are indeed integrating the two and you are indeed benefiting from the raise in consciousness, ever-present and on-going. You have raised your frequencies and continue to do so. And you are in turn, affecting all around you in doing so. 
We stand with you forever and always, and especially during this important time of mass awakening and fulfillment of the Divine Decree. You hold the reins and are the navigators of this most sacred, beautiful movement and nothing can stand in the way of it if you keep to your task.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learn to switch off and do NOTHING – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn October 20, 2012

My Beloved, we are facing a new portal which will bring you more energies. Yes, we too, because we manage and monitor the opening of the portals and the energies that are guided through it. You all will be able to feel them, without exception. The number of those who will now be awakened, rises again, including Starseeds and Lightworkers who have missed their wake-up-call until now, or whose time has come. They are required for the further cleaning processes.

You can all help further in cleaning your homes and the environment energetically. Use the violet flame, fill your houses and apartments with it and demand it to transmute all negative and low energies into unconditional love. This you can expand on your vehicles in which you are traveling daily. Just in your public transportation there are many low and negative energies. You bring your anger and frustration from your jobs inside, where they accumulate. Therefore fill out the buses and trains, in which you are traveling, with the violet flame and give the instructions to clean and transmute.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cosmic Vision News 10-19 by InLight Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Cosmic Vision News 10-19 by InLight Radio | Blog Talk Radio

1. Explosive Intelligence Blog:  IMF Implementing Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols. - Henegan’s ‘Explosive Intelligence Blog’ postings for October 17-18. - Henegan’s explanation of the fund from 2008. - Book about the fund protocols.

2. Massive Silver Withdrawals at Brinks

3. New US Treasury Notes:  Some Symbolism Explained

4.  Financial Perspectives From The Nibiruan Council (Galactic Persepctive)

5.  Iran-Israel-Palestine:  War (Of Love) Is Declared By The People - Facebook page ‘Palestine Loves Israel’ (3,300+ members) - Israelis For Palestine Facebook Page (6,600+ members) - Letter from Laura, a Palestinian Facebook Israel love Iran (89,500) - Iran loves Israel (26,000)

6. Disclosure:  National Declassification Centre Releases File of Saucer Technology From Canada

7. Message From Nibiru:  Introduction To People Of Earth From The New Civilization On Nibiru


8.  Auras And Aura Pictures Of Presidential Candidates From Recent Debate One definition - Spiritual definition. - What does an aura consist of, and the colours.

9.  21OCT:  Decision Day – Global Call For Manifestation

10.  BEE HEALTHY:  Value of bees, and Pheylonian beeswax products.
*************************************************** - main homepage for Pheylonian Beeswax Products

NOTE:  If you order product and offer the following code, you will receive a 10% discount on the listed price.  The code will be uploaded soon.
*************************************************** - definition of Colony Collapse Disorder 

11.  Closing Remarks -- Info and registration for Sheldon Nidle webinar on 21 and 25OCT.

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Divine Channelings by Mercy : ~ Channeled Message from the Pleiades – 21/10 - ...

Divine Channelings by Mercy : ~ Channeled Message from the Pleiades – 21/10 - ...: Dearest humans, we have come to you in order to lend you our voices, listen closely and embrace each of our words with gratitude and happi...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Archangel Indriel. ~ Your Faithful Service To The Light. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. October 19, 2012.

~ Greetings Beloveds, it is I, Indriel.   I arrive on this day in my role as keeper and tender of you, the Lighbearers.  In your Earthly guise you wear many hats-teacher, parent, doctor, homemaker, artist…  The list goes on and on, and is far too long for me to personally credit each and every one of the professions and personas you maintain in your faithful service to the Light.   Yet, commend you I sincerely do.  All of Heaven heartily sings your praises, as the work you have done thus far is quite  amazing.  Do you not sometimes feel the occasional need for a pat on the back, Dear Friends?  Well, I am here to give it to you.  Oftentimes this feels to be a thankless job, and an endless, arduous one.  Much of the time you feel as though you are a salmon swimming upstream, am I right?  But take heart that while it is an uphill climb, an upward spiral, you are most unlike that salmon in the most obvious of ways.  When you reach your destination, you shall not die.  Instead, you shall find yourselves reborn.

Melchizedek ~~ De vernieuwingen binnen uzelf, ontplooien u tot Meester ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont

Ik groet uw allen, deze geliefde zielen op Aarde.  Deze tijd tracht ik nog eens naar voren te treden door deze channeler, voor het lijkt Haar lang geleden, wat ook is.  Mijn energie wordt zeker en vast gemist, zoveel is duidelijk.  Laten we beginnen want er is zoveel te doen en zoveel te zeggen, niet waar?!

Waar de weg nu stilaan zijn duidelijke kenmerken begint te vormen, volgen de hogere aspecten van dit leven zich op tot manifestatie en het omvormen naar de werkelijkheid.  Deze werkelijke en unieke vertoning begint zich nu af te spelen voor de ogen en in de geesten van uw allen in incarnatie.  Niets zal hier ook aan ontgaan; alles neemt zijn oorspronkelijke vorm terug aan en hier is geen omkeren meer aan.  Aanvaarden is het enige wat nog kan, voor de creaties die door uw allen werden gemaakt, nu niet meer te stoppen zijn. 

Het hogere Licht van onze werelden, door de duisternis heen, heeft zijn effect niet gemist en heeft alles op zijn plaats bekrachtigd zoals dit ook hoorde te zijn.  AL het goede is tot zijn recht aan het komen en dit te beginnende met uzelf uiteraard.  Ook jullie zelf en uw fysieke aantrekkingen kunnen hier niet aan ontsnappen en dit resulteert in de grote transformaties die jullie nu allen ondergaan als een zware en grote zegeviering ten gevolg.  Ten slotte mogen wij ook niet vergeten te vermelden dat het jullie allen zijn die dit te werk hebben gesteld uiteraard en dat hier een enorme bedanking van ons zelven dient bij te horen!  Bij deze druk ik mijn expressie van appreciatie naar uw allen uit. 

Melchizedek ~~ The innovations within yourself, are unfolding your Master being ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

I greet you all, beloved souls dwelling on Earth. I intent to once again step forward through this scribe, as to her it seems a long time ago since our last contact and this is indeed so. My energy has been dearly missed, that much is true. So let’s get on with our message as there is so much to do and so much to talk about, wouldn’t you agree?

Where the road now gradually forms its clear attributes, the higher aspects of this life follow closely by to transform and manifest this reality.
This real and unique display begins to become obvious now in the eyes and the minds of you all incarnated on this Earth plane.  Nothing will escape afore-mentioned transformation. Moreover, everything will take on its original form, and there is no reversing this process. You can only accept and graciously flow along, in the knowing that the creations, created by you all, are in fact unstoppable and will come to pass.

The higher Light originating from our worlds has pierced through the darkness and has not missed its effects, that is to say it has empowered everything in its place as it was supposed to. All the good is gradually taking over, beginning of course with your own being. Your being and your physicality cannot escape the energies and this is resulting in huge transformations which you all are undergoing at present, and in themselves they are no sinecure but will be a big triumph later on. Finally we may not forget to mention that all of you have accomplished this mission for which we express our heartfelt gratitude! I now take the opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Divine Channelings: ~ Nibiruan Council – The Path of Comprehension – S...

 Channeling of Mercy
Divine Channelings: ~ Nibiruan Council – The Path of Comprehension – S...: Personal note: It was not easy for me to channel this message as I and many others have been experiencing attacks but the Nibiruan council...

Trust your body, it knows exactly what is good and appropriate for it – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn October 18, 2012

First, a quick update. After the last portal and the energies that came through, you’re in a short rest. The enormous energies need to be further processed by your body before the next burst of energy approaching, only a few more days until 21-10-12, another day for a portal opening. Therefore enjoy the short break and please rest enough.

The end of the year is now approaching fast, just over two months until the day of Ascension. I am aware that many of you still doubt this great event: it is irreversible. Ascension will take place, the delays in other areas can not prevent this. We work day and night with our allies in order to achieve at least still some of what you have been announced so many times. Also we have our timelines, we must follow. Disclosure is imminent, as is the redistribution of money and the introduction of a new single currency. Immediately following disclosure the first of our ships will land on specified places. These places are where people are open to us and are not afraid to meet us. Other landings will then follow.

My Movie ~Bill Ballard and Lucas

Join us October 21, 2012. It is time ALL Light Masters come together as ONE BEING in a single unified focused event to change our Planet/Collective and Universe. We have been joining before as smaller and more individualized groups but that must now expand into the 1 single being we truly are. October 21 2012 is being called for the first of many of the singular focused events joining all humanity, the ETs and ITs to make this shift. This can only be done as ONE BEING IN ACTION. Here we go peeps! I LOVE YOU ALL! Let’s Get This Done!
Lucas : All those wanting to unite, focus on the change let’s do it together
I call upon those known to me The Galactic Free Press, The Steve Beckow Group, The InLight Group, Geoffrey West from CVN, Cobra, Drake, Channelers, Bloggers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,  and all others Unite in focus and spread the message via social media and blogs, etc. MAKE IT VIRAL :  Please just do focus in unity together on 21 October 2012 in what way you can in love and unity to make things happening in the now. The new system already online, the people co-creating  for the good of all humankind and living in abundance and peace and harmony and unconditional love. You can have  a moment, a meditation, a visualization, a few minutes or more,  just focus that day  in whatever way in unity to make a shift and change happening for all of us. Do it . It is just now the moment!
Love and Light and namaste,
Bill and Lucas

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is a time for Reunions and Peace – Message from Alajia channelled by Laura/ Multidimensional Ocean.

(Laura: Alajia is my Higher Self)
All is peace and quiet in the heavens. White doves of peace fly above the white, pink and golden clouds. Human souls of all ages, colours, backgrounds come visit us day and night in your bird form. I call bird form your Higher Self in flight mode.
Humans, as multidimensional beings have many unsuspected powers. In your bird form you travel far and high. We talk at will and we laugh with you. Your Higher Self can take whatever form it wishes to take. It is free, knows no rules, no borders, no restrains.

It can take your own form when settled, or it can retain its bird form, or it can also appear as an orb. It can enter your own human body and help the divine will manifest on Earth, it can also help your ordinary life. It enters your human body when you are at peace, when you are joy, or when you are connected within. When you are closed off, stressed, angry or tired, it sits besides you and sends you love. When you cry, it holds you and protects you. It is your best friend when you feel alone, it is your guardian angel, and your eternal lover.

You are ONE great nation, not many small ones – Hederon from Venus through Isabel Henn October 16, 2012

My beloved inhabitants of the earth, as an emissary and a member of the High Council of Venus I bring greetings of the Venusian people.
We also send still more energies to you. The way is short and so they are strong and full of love. It is an ever growing beautiful vision of how the light and love continue to spread among you. Love is something wonderful, there is nothing better in the whole universe, no matter where you find yourself in it.

Unconditional love is the material from which the whole universe was created and it is spreading still further. This can only be as Prime Creator, the Source of all Being, the purest form of unconditional love, is the primary source from which love flows so great and encompassing and creates. You are love too, for you are like everything else, that is, created from Prime Creator, from his everlasting benevolent love. It does not matter what race you belong to, what the color of your skin is or what religion you belong to. This is only superficial. From the matter of Being-All you are all created, without distinction, without classes, the same value, every single one among you, as is the entire universe. You are all equal as human beings, but as an individual unique and loved without distinction from All-That-Is.

Konstantinos: Message from the Holon

I am this/these/that/those which you wish to embody to your current self/selves.

I am what you call , among other things, your Higher Self/Selves.

And at this time, as any other time,  mainly more consciously when your physical body/bodies rest(s), I am addressing you…

and you…

and you…

and everyone and everything infinite ‘you’.

I act through you, as you, as you are beginning to represent being me.

By this way, you embody me to your current existence(s), which has also so many infinite current existences, more and more.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~ Channeled message from Goddess Ishtar ~ By Mercy – 14-10-2013 ~

I am Ishtar, known to you as the goddess of fertility and love, through this long way of harmony and disharmony your lights will be ready, soon enough, to reunite under the veil of protection of our mighty Christ.

Do not doubt that the day of your salvation is about to come, be it coming from the ground and soil of your earth or from the heavens through cosmic radiations. This whole project has been meticulously programmed for each one of you and you will understand with all your love and caring nature that the path is long but that it will be worth. Don’t be afraid more than your own body can support because the liberation of this element will not only help you to remain in faith but will also aid you in curing your physical and psychic illnesses; let me tell you that the day of your liberation has never been do close, so close to you, so clear and tangible.

Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Dear friends and beloveds, we come before you today to share some secrets of life. They are not truly secrets if you look at them as the truths you have been holding on to since the beginning of duality, when you embarked on your quest for knowledge, independent of the knowledge and truth of your Divinity and Wholeness.
You always carried a thread of this true knowledge of your Divinity and Wholeness and that is the secret you are allowing to come into your consciousness as we speak.

You hold those morsels of truth deep within your hearts and they are like seeds rapidly growing to fruition.  What it takes for them to grow, you often give with love and abandon, but there are times when you pull away from their nurturing because the pull of the familiar beckons you. 
We ask you now to pay attention to those pulls and attractions to the familiar, and to be still for the moment and examine if they are holding you back from your vision of yourself with the New Earth. You have come so far, dear ones. It will just take your sincere attention to keep navigating the path, avoiding any pitfalls along the way.

Monday, October 15, 2012

THE SEA MAIDEN. ~ The Four Elements. ~ By Bella Capozzi. October 13, 2012.

Lovely Ones, it is I, Moreanna.  From my place in the 7th dimensional oceans of the Sirius system, I am able to clearly see into your hearts and do enthusiastically applaud your progress.  Because of your efforts, the light is magnifying rapidly in it’s intensity, thus enabling the planet as a whole to create the changes necessary for your ultimate ascension.  And changing you are, from dualistically rooted beings of density, into Light Beings in Human form.  Less and less are you finding yourselves reacting with fear and angst to the upheavals that are to naturally accompany the death knell of the old regime.   In your enlightened state, it is now the norm for you to naturally feel an aura of disinterest and detachment.  No, I say not to you that you should care little about the events that are beginning to transpire before you.  Caring is an integral part of compassion – a heart based emotion, and a highly desirable one at that.  Compassion and love are the two most important states to remain centered in at all times.  Practice careful discernment, rather than  rushing to harsh judgement.  And when faced with unpleasant situations of a baser nature, endeavor to be a quiet observer, rather than an angry participant.  You are changing, sweet people of Gaia, and in beautiful and wondrous ways.

Lady Portia ~~ The portals have activated the manifestations, just like they have activated you ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont 15/10/2012

I greet you all most cordially, my beloveds and loving hearts. Once again I express my gratitude and my appreciation to all of you granting me this opportunity to step forward in this Now moment. I love you all so deeply.

Let’s talk about the recently activated, very important portal of the 10-10-2012. A lot has been said about that portal through numerous other souls, so I don’t have to go much deeper into it. Suffice it to say that you all know and feel that this was the most important portal activation to date. No doubt, you begin to feel that all is reaching a climax point and all that lingers around you is a feeling of wellbeing albeit coupled with extreme fatigue of the physical body. Never before has such a tremendous change happened on a broad scale in as little of time as this has occurred recently.

I am speaking on behalf of myself when I say that I am extremely flattered seeing you thriving into the extension of yourself. At the present moment you are all so much expanding in your consciousness as well as in your physical changes with regards to all your embodiments. Everything is linked, your different embodiments are linked and they too benefit from the present upliftments you are now undergoing. This is what your hearts have chosen, this is what Ascension is all about : to expand yourself in the form of a consciousness, an energy, a state of being. You are life itself, my precious hearts, and this life is eternal.

Lady Portia ~~ De portalen hebben de manifestaties geactiveerd, net zoals deze uzelf hebben geactiveerd ~~ Gechanneld door Méline Lafont 15/10/2012

Ik groet u van Harte mijn geliefden en liefdevolle harten ♥  Nogmaals mijn dank en appreciatie naar uw allen toe om mij deze kans te geven om naar voren te treden in deze NU momentum.  Ik hou van uw allen en dit zeer diep.

Laten we spreken over de net geactiveerde en belangrijke portaal van de 10-10-2012.  Veel is er over gezegd door talloze andere zielen en hoef ik hier dus niet erg diep op in te gaan, als jullie allen weten en voelen dat dit wel de meest belangrijke portaal activatie was tot op heden.  Jullie voelen ongetwijfeld alles tot op een climax bereiken en het enige wat rondom uzelf blijft hangen is een gevoel van welzijn, gepaard met extreme vermoeidheid naar uw fysieke lichaam toe.  Nog nooit is er zo een grote verandering op schaal gebeurd en dit op toch wel zeer korte tijd. 

Dit mag gezegd worden namens mijzelf dat ik ontzettend geflatteerd ben om jullie als dusdanig te zien open bloeien in het verlengde van jezelf.  Jullie zijn op dit eigenste moment zo ontzettend hard aan het expanderen in bewustzijn alsook in jullie fysische veranderingen wat jullie belichamingen betreft.  Alles is aan elkaar gekoppeld, jullie verschillende belichamingen, en ook deze hebben baat bij de huidige verheffingen die jullie ondergaan.  Dit is waar jullie harten voor hebben gekozen, dit is waar Ascentie allemaal om draait; het expanderen van jezelf in de vorm van een bewustzijn, een energie, een staat van leven.  Jullie zijn leven op zich, mijn geliefde harten, en dit is het eeuwige leven op zich.

Channeled message from the sacred legion of the white fraternity ~13-10-2012~ channeled through Mercy

Note from Méline: Let me introduce you to a bran new and young spirit of Love, whom just started to channel herself.  She is a very gifted one, and I am posting her first channeling on my Blog.. She is a precious one to me, so please make her feel welcome in this new world which is about to be unfolled ♥

We greet you all with uncondicional love and light for we are the sacred legion of the white fraternity, We have come to you in this hour of need to bring on a message of hope and translucid knowledge that soon will be at your reach. We have shown you through time how to react to the stimuli that were given to you and know the time is approaching which will liberate you from all your hopes and fears as you will come to understand what truly matters and what truly is. 

We have come to “lend you our hands” to rise you from the ground and bring you closer to our divine creation, to your divine creation. As we speak many key phenomena are taking place and are now entering this earthly realm. You will soon get to see them in a more visible and palpable way and will find it easier to trust without emerging from your doubts. It is now the time of hopefulness that will be more than just the child of hope. The moon is playing a huge role in this as you soon will be able to understand. Keep yourselves protected with the most love and light of the most purest source and intention as it is and will always be there for you to use. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It is all in your Self, my Beloved – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn October 13, 2012

My Beloved, it’s time again to speak to you. The energies of the 10-10-portal flow away slowly and continue to have effects in your bodies, your minds and your hearts. Defend yourselves not against it, but let them do their important work for you. Accept it and it is so much easier for you. You know all this already, but a little reminder and Note for the newly awakened is always good.

These energies also have an impact on Gaia. There are still old fields with negative energy that must be resolved. Unfortunately this will not always be without perceptible effect on you. The volcanic and earthquake activity will still increase a while, but do not assume catastrophic proportions. Gaia is very aware of the effects for you and makes an effort to keep these impacton you as low as possible. She loves you and doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but must eliminate these energies. We all help her to keep the consequences as minimal as possible. This includes the participation of your stellan brothers and sisters. They watch the movements of the plates and volcanoes and engage in regulating, to avoid major damage or loss of life.
So far everything is going according to plan, despite the delays. Your Ascension at the end of this year is assured, it is unstoppable. This does not mean that you can now put your hands in your lap and just wait. It still requires some releasing of karma and for some people to do some soul work. You know, there is not much that you must do for this, but without your participation, it is much more difficult if not impossible. Love one another, forgive – even yourself – and do not condemn. More is not required.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A thank you for Nibiru comments and taking weekend off !

 It has been a few days since the message of Nibiru and I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, precious hearts, for being supportive and honest at the same time!  I did feel respect in every comment and that is much appreciated!  I, myself am letting it sink in since I now know why I hesitated to let them through, which is of course mainly the same reason why you all are skeptic too :-) I myself was mistreated and even killed by them but I did not allow this memory to come back fully, because it does not matter for me anymore; I forgive and send Love and am now moving on and give it the chance to express its meanings towards us.  I felt it was important as they are passing our planet anyway, so why not let them share their influences this time.  I have received enormous comments from a lot of souls over a few blogs and they were actually 9 of 10 positive.  So thank you again for this, I never thought it would be so appreciated, I was nervous for this but saw myself as just being the messenger spreading their message out for once, and so it would be known.  I have never ever read something about Nibiru because every time I started to read about it, it made me feel not so comfortable and started to doubt.. Could not understand what it ment or was, so I let them come to me under the guidance of Michael.  Now that all is said and done; I am letting this behind a bit.  Glad and happy I was able to contribute in this important thing and change, but on the other hand not choosing to channel them like I channel my team every week sort to speak.  So I am continuing on channeling my team and leaving Nibiru a bit behind me now,the word is out and that was what seemed to be the perfect divine timing for it.  I do feel that they are asking for another chance to come forward through me, since they asked this immediately after this message.  But more in a way of one more time and the last time.  Since Nibiru is approaching, I feel it will be close to December or in December that they will ask for sharing something again.. Let’s call this my intuition, we will see if it is so, and I will make a decision based on my feeling and heart feeling on that particular time of our NOW.
Thank you again for everything, I feel loved and respected and I feel the same amount of Love and respect towards you all!!!!!!!!!
Love, Méline ♥♥♥

I am taking a weekend off from readings and channelings since I am shifting tremendously myself at this moment and in order to be able and give you all my most loving intentions in the messages and readings, I need some rest myself for my body is enormously changing as never before and so is my world!  Thank you for your understanding, I will be posting back on Monday my channelings, which will be one of Lady Portia.
Love you all precious hearts! ♥