Friday, October 19, 2012

Melchizedek ~~ The innovations within yourself, are unfolding your Master being ~~ Channeled by Méline Lafont

I greet you all, beloved souls dwelling on Earth. I intent to once again step forward through this scribe, as to her it seems a long time ago since our last contact and this is indeed so. My energy has been dearly missed, that much is true. So let’s get on with our message as there is so much to do and so much to talk about, wouldn’t you agree?

Where the road now gradually forms its clear attributes, the higher aspects of this life follow closely by to transform and manifest this reality.
This real and unique display begins to become obvious now in the eyes and the minds of you all incarnated on this Earth plane.  Nothing will escape afore-mentioned transformation. Moreover, everything will take on its original form, and there is no reversing this process. You can only accept and graciously flow along, in the knowing that the creations, created by you all, are in fact unstoppable and will come to pass.

The higher Light originating from our worlds has pierced through the darkness and has not missed its effects, that is to say it has empowered everything in its place as it was supposed to. All the good is gradually taking over, beginning of course with your own being. Your being and your physicality cannot escape the energies and this is resulting in huge transformations which you all are undergoing at present, and in themselves they are no sinecure but will be a big triumph later on. Finally we may not forget to mention that all of you have accomplished this mission for which we express our heartfelt gratitude! I now take the opportunity to express my appreciation to all of you.

What we also want to discuss with all of you, pertains to your involvement, your abilities towards us and towards the worldly realm into which you are ascending. Our expressions towards all of you are gradually becoming your expressions towards all of us. Allow me to clarify my last statement by adding the fact that we, just as you, are Masters in the making. What we now essentially are, being the Ascended Masters of this Earth plane, you too will become after all the ordeals and changes on this Earth plane. We too move up on the scale so to speak,  to perform more on a Galactic level for which we become students again to encounter new challenges and dito evolutions on a higher energetic level. Your involvement towards us will than change drastically as you will operate from your Master Self and will be the Ascended Masters on Earth.Your experiences will begin to play a much bigger part in your teachings and guidances, just as we have done for you for centuries. All will move up a notch and this applies to the whole Galactic System.

We wish you the best of experiences; it is really something beautiful beyond the power of words to express adequately.  Allow your new reality to break through and mastermind your own creations by clearly stating that you already have acheived them! The Universe can do nothing else than to follow what you have so clearly defined and asked for, which is your creation. Personally I do not have to add anything else to this; I am convinced that it is all crystal clear for everyone. It is quite simple : state what your creation is and it will be yours! Keep your focus on the endresult and do not let anything distract you from the reality you want to experience. The borders are now pulled further back causing the first new energies to become more visible, that is for those with eyes to see and those that get a distinct feeling, all of this inside of themselves. Never outside, but inside : there lies the key to discovery! Nowhere else!

We know all too well how it feels like to not be seen by all of you because you still look too much outside of yourself. Many expectations are put on our shoulders, and when they are not fulfilled as seen from the point of view of humanity’s limitations with regards to the tangibility and the visibility of your physical 3D eyes, than those souls retreat in frustration losing all faith. That’s why I want to stress the fact that not everything is what it seems, that not everything is as you see it outside yourself.  Do you not begin to feel the changes within yourselves? It always boils down to inner change first resulting in outer change.

The outer is just the appearance of your inner being ; so work on your inner being, look within in your inner core and in your own self, for we are there and always have been there! For longer times than you can conceive of, are we in you.... we are you! We are incarnated in aspects and distributed among all of you ; we are incarnated as whole units and dwelling amongst all of you. Why do you think we keep on stressing the fact that you are all Masters, that you are the new Masters. It is because of this and because of the newly born Masters. Not all of us are incarnated on Earth, however we are present in great numbers so do not look for us outside of yourselves but have faith in yourself and let the inner Master rise up to develop his real self! That being said, I greet you all most cordially. I wish to very soon reconnect with you all through my loving energy.

Namaste, Melchizedek 

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  1. About "work on your inner being", i would like to share what i wrote down for myself 2 days ago when i watched the "Openhand 5GATEWAYS documentary" close to the end at about 1:33:44 they say:

    "it is like a cinema projector, creating the outer movies of our lifes by our inner configuration of consciousness. Now when people discover this, there is often a temptation to try to manifest and control the outer reality, by controling the inner one. This is ultimate self defeating. After all we are who we are, .....the real secret to unfolding our destiny is simply to remove all the internal obstacles to it....."

    It is the first time i heard it this way and it strongly resonates with me. Don't follow ANY outer do's and don't. Instead remove all obstacles to get to your pure soul and hearts desire and follow it.

    World of Nostrum *a Source of Love,

  2. Lovely message sis, and a good reminder. Thank you both for it. <3

  3. Thank you both my lovely sis and Stefan ,friend of source ♥

  4. Thank you :)