Thursday, October 29, 2015

Linda Robinson ~ AA Zadkiel ~ An oasis of peace


Greetings Beloved Ones,
This is Archangel Zadkiel, along with Holy Lady Amethyst, and we greet you in Love and Light.  Today, we are being joined by a Host of the Angelic Realm of Light.  We wish to discuss an oasis of peace.
We have discussed with you, in recent messages, the role you play as a Light of Peace for others.  Now, we would like to discuss the importance of developing your own inner oasis of peace.

Ron Head ~ Oneness – The Council

councilThe Council
We have spoken before on the topic of oneness, we wish to revisit it today. Will you understand it when we are done? Will you ever completely understand it? Let us tell you now, before we begin, that your learning, as well as our own, will never be over. Things never cease to change and evolve. But we are curious beings, are we not? And so let us see if perhaps we can give you a new thing or two to consider.
You often hear it said that all is one, that everything is part of the One. And a great many of you have begun naming that the All That Is. And that is a good thing. That is a very good thing. But a great many of you also do not spend very much time contemplating what that my mean. How does that change your understanding of yourselves? How does it change your relationships with the others around you? How does it change your understanding of those things that you see around you? Does it move the dividing line between what is you and not you? Better yet, does it remove it?

Jamye Price ~ Weekly LightBlast ~ Stopping the past

OCTOBER 29, 2015

Stopping the Past

Dear Ones, you are accustomed to your linear time and it serves you well. You are aware of your brain processing information based on your five senses and establishing reality for your choice platform. This is a valuable and natural process. Yet you are at a point in your evolution where you are expanding this process to include more of your natural subtle senses. 

You have heard statements such as; time is not linear, all time is now, the past does not exist, and the future is probabilities that have already occurred. In theory, some of these may be partially or even completely correct. However, it has no true value for you until you apply it into your experience. Here, we will begin to give you applicable information to expand your sensory experience with time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt of 5D report ~ Resurrection: a new life cycle begins

peachreporticonAs of 10/10 many at the fore have completed a major life cycle, entered into a holding space, and are preparing to begin a brand new chapter of life on 11/11.
September, and all of its accompanying celestial blessings, brought us THE force...the Source frequency (creation) codes needed for our new life cycle…where October has been clearing the space in our bodies (hello super intensified solar activity) for those energies to enter and anchor into the physical parts of our lives and world. November (universal ONE month) will reveal our new path/purpose more clearly, along with the physical components needed to create it.
At the moment we are currently in a very liquidy void space where everything is kind of floating in an abyss with little to no structure and/or ability to decipher where we are headed or why…most of us can’t muster up the motivation to care.  Even still, there is a steady new creative constant that is always rallying beneath us, pulsing thru us, even if barely perceptible at times…a palpable, vibrational safety net that prevents us from falling prey to the past, to the (under)world that we have just very recently moved out of.

Magenta Pixie ~ Halloween Archetypes - Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, Goblin and Ghost

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


There is a great and ongoing connection now the great Central Suns and the 12 Master Galaxies pertaining to those, which all formed part of the original Creation.
Therefore then there is a steady awakening of very ancient energy fields, which hold within themselves immense encodements and glyphic awakening keys for mankind, as it has been ordained by the Intergalactic Federation to come to pass at this time of massive shifts on the planet and in the Milky Way Galaxy.
The Ancients had immense knowledge of energies and energy fields, which were then utilized in ways in which we have forgotten about.  This is was high technology and it worked on a different dimensional scale that what we are used to now.  All our modern technology cannot even compete with this type of advanced knowledge and as we grow more and more into conscious awareness as the planet shifts, we will be given access to this knowledge as we are ready to receive it, without abusing its powers.

Brenda Hoffman ~ The Past is Past

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo
Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for
Summary of Brenda’s October 23, 2015, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  Before your transition, your life followed a logical path. Now that karma is no more and you’ve accepted your true power, your life is beginning to seem illogical. And so it should for you’re creating your life as a solo act instead of depending on others to fulfill their karma obligations to/with you.
The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog “Remember You”
Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.
Dear Ones,
Today’s channel is for those experiencing difficulties letting go of 3D aspects, those with difficulties moving beyond that which was familiar in 3D.
Even though you are no longer of 3D, some memories linger that prevent you from fully feeling the joy of new you. Just as is true for those who experienced a major illness or trauma in 3D. The trauma or pain no longer exists, but memories negate the joy of the moment. Many label that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Monday, October 26, 2015

Keshe ~ 3rd Ambassador Meeting, Rome 8PM CET October 16th

US Presidential Decree and Keshe Foundation response


Question from the forum:
Mr. Keshe, News of Barack Obama's censorship of the Keshe technology is disgusting to all of us here in the US that have been anxiously following your developments. Could you please cite the specific Executive Order that created this situation. The White House posts allegedly all executive orders at this URL, I would like to report this on my own website, but need a specific identification to verify the claim.

4/23/file_attachments/108232/2012iransyria.eo.rel.pdf (copy below, original was removed some weeks later)

Keshe Foundation response

The space defense technology developed by the Keshe Foundation using magnetic and gravitational force fields (Magravs) has proved to be the best method for blocking magnetic field communication systems at any frequency.
The system is capable of jamming all communication lines and when used correctly can directly block all communication in a large area even from a distance.
This means that with a minimum effort all satellite communications can be blocked.
We tested this system 4 years ago and saw the results.
When this system is used effectively by forces that are active in a certain area, the opposite side cannot send information to its destined receiver.

The recent US decree proves their concern about how advanced the technology is and shows that the opposite side is being prevented from carrying out its operations.
Thus there is more to this decree than is seen at first glance.
In reality it shows that the US does not have any system that can overcome such a powerful and advanced technology, and by means of the decree they are trying to outlaw new technologies so that they have an excuse to label organizations like the Keshe Foundation as a rogue organization.
We are open, we stay open and we invite US scientists to join us so that we can use this technology effectively for the protection of craft in deep space.
This technology was developed by the Keshe Foundation, as described in our patent applications, so that in deep space crafts can be protected from any high level magnetic field radiation zones that are detected, and the systems and passengers can be safe when the crafts are traveling through them.
One of the uses of this new technology is to block any magnetic field carrying information throughout a large target area in space. This is how the Drum was captured, as it was blocked from receiving information from its control satellites during the procedure.
In a word, “Welcome to the real space technology,” and to seeing it working in real life on a large scale.
Our technology is on offer to the US government also, if they are prepared to accept that Iranian nuclear physicists are not necessarily betraying their nation if they share space technology with them.
We are here to bring about world peace so that mankind will be ready to join the universal community.
If sharing technology between friendly nations like Iran and the US is a criminal act then man of today has sunk lower than in the days of the cavemen.
We have invited NASA to explain their UFO technology and we are ready to do the same and explain our Magravs system to them.
This offer was made to them in an interview in a livestream conference in LA last Sunday and we will see what their response will be.

Sandra Walter ~ The Gifts of Resurrection Oct 25, 2015

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
It is written into our Golden HUman DNA; the quest for Self-realization, Ascension and reunification with source. Creation is an extraordinary story, and it is our own. A Universal, Galactic, Solar template; a Source BEingness fractalized for our experience, laid out by our Higher Levels for our discovery and participation.
As above, so below is reflected in every aspect of this Universe. The In-Carnate Self reflects the external activity until we awaken and begin the Ascension process, then we begin to reflect the Higher Self activity. This reflection expands as the consciousness ascends, reflecting higher and higher aspects of the multidimensional Self. The multidimensional Self model reflects the multidimensional Universe, or Source-as-Self; the Divine cosmic quest for complete Self-realization.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Shanta Gabriel ~ AA Gabriel ~ True Wisdom and Pure Love go hand in hand

Shanta Gabriel

True Wisdom and Pure Love go hand in hand. You must love all of yourself before Pure Wisdom takes solid root within you.

 Dear One,

When you receive pure love from your Divine Source and offer it to yourself, your life will transform. Loving yourself means that you accept yourself as a student of life. You know that you are growing every day, and deep within is the spark of enlightened consciousness that is God. Focusing on this place of Divine Light will assist it to grow. When the light of Divine love grows, it enlightens your mind and heart so you see your life from a more expanded perspective. This allows you to tap into the graceful flow of the universe and to live in more peace and harmony.

Bob Fickes ~ Communicating with our Heart

December 5 & 6, Tokyo
Communicating with our Heart
They say that our heart is the home of the soul. I would say more than that it is the home of the Divine in us, also known as our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is one with the universe. It is infinite just like the universe and holds all the gifts and abilities of the universe. These abilities are all there inside but sleeping until we learn how to activate them. In this workshop we will learn how to activate this potential and practice how to develop and express these rare gifts in our daily life.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ October 18-24, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As the world moves further into the higher frequencies that are available now, there will be a long period of adjustment, with a series of intense energy downloads and then there will be a resting time to allow the body to align and fully integrate with the new enhanced version of self. There are so many of you struggling to surrender former limitations and thought patterns that limit further movement right now. This activity will become much easier to accomplish now that a shift into higher octaves has taken place. There will be a lifting of the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you from taking your rightful place on the stage of life in the new world reality. You are now, even more than before, energetic powerhouses and are able to influence the energy dynamics around you in a most beneficial way. It requires that you intend to be a blessing in this manner and that you make this a focus each day and verbally state this intention. Just by being who you are in this moment, you bring blessings to others. Those of you who have successfully integrated the new frequencies so far and have agreed to on the higher levels, are being utilized as conduits to disseminate these higher frequencies that are available now.

Suzanne Lie ~ Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals 10-26-15

Gaia Speaks About Her Elementals

Dear People Of My Planet

I am Gaia, your sister, your friend, your partner and your planet.I want to speak to you for a moment from my Heart Chakra in Maui, Hawaii. The sweet Essence of my Love flows across this verdant land with the ever- present trade winds and soaks into my earth with the misty rain.

Each of the myriad flowers speaks of my great creative force, and the warm weather allows my people the freedom to play in my waters and on my shores. Because of the beauty and harmony of my Heart, many people have sought to own my land, my oceans, and my beaches, but I AM FREE, for I am a FEMALE that NO man—or woman—can own.

Natalie Glasson ~ The Transitions of Your Soul Group by the Celestial White Beings

Original Source Sacred School of OmNa

The shifts occurring in this moment of ascension are likened to the energetic transformations which have been taking place throughout this year, the only difference is that the intensity of the energy is now being enhanced and magnified dramatically. The Goddess energy and Crystalline vibrations continue to support a transition of cleansing, purification and renewal upon the Earth and within your being, however their energetic vibration is allowing a new download of energy to anchor. It is each person’s Soul Group which is now stepping forward to work with their soul extensions. Your soul from which you are an extension, as are eleven others, is moving through a process of releasing all unneeded energies from all of the past, present and future lifetimes you have experienced upon the Earth and the inner planes. Your soul is being invited by your Soul Group to purify its energies entirely, to complete all lessons of previous, present or simultaneous lifetimes so that a wealth of knowledge and wisdom can be acknowledged and collected to be expressed in the new Era of Love upon the Earth.

Magenta Pixie ~ Beyond the Rainbow (Turning the Wheel of Memory)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Caroline Oceana Ryan ~ Message to Lightworkers ~ October 23, 2015

A Message to Lightworkers – October 23, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:
Greetings, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.
So much is changing in your world, that it would be difficult or impossible to catalogue and review all of it
For the changes are coming so quickly now, and to such dramatic degrees, that your minds are barely able to take it all in.
And what you are not outwardly informed of, you nevertheless inwardly perceive, absorbing the energies not only of the powerful Light and intelligence now flooding the planet, but of the changes occurring behind closed doors.

Ron Head ~ Predictions – The Council

The Council
We will speak today of predictions. We know they are a favorite of all of you. We also know that they are being used to raise the hopes of all of humanity at his time. We know that into this category also fall ‘dire warnings’. And these are being used for quite the opposite effect. Some of the more fantastic predictions that appear positive are, in reality, being used because those who begin them imagine that they will lead to great disappointment. So let’s discuss all of this.
First let us define what a real prediction can be. From your perspective, a real prediction can only be an extension into the future of the possible effects of current causes. For instance, if one sees a person studying diligently, it would be reasonable to predict that at some point that person might meet with success. If one sees a person participating in activity that society has deemed undesirable it would be reasonable to assume that society might choose to chastise him or her.

Bob Fickes ~ Our Home on Earth Has a Good Mother

Walking through our corridors of concrete, we forget that we are made from this Earth and our Mother Earth takes care of us. The food she creates for us is far away from our sight. We only see it in the supermarkets after it has left the garden for days. But Mother Earth abundantly creates this food where we were born in Nature.
Our human corridors of concrete and the wastes from our machines are breaking down even Nature. But Mother Earth continues to cleanse herself through rain and storm to keep us healthy.

Suzanne Lie ~ The Golden Portal & Free Meditation Download the Arcturians 10-23-15

The Golden Portal


The Arcturians

Blessings, we are the Arcturians.  We would like to take you through a corridor together. So all of you imagine your entire group in a huge circle and imagine that this circle goes all around your country, your area on Gaia’s body.  And take a moment to allow that imagination to come into your mind and expand the circle beyond your country so that all of the corridors and all of the areas that are interfacing with your country will get the same blessing and will get the same amount of Light.

Now, I’m going to ask that each of you take your own specific area, your specific neighborhood or city and put a circle around your area or any specific area that you would like to send special blessings too.  Are there any areas that are having a difficult time such as whether or strife or political disorder?  Be sure that all of you in your collective consciousness put a circle around that specific area.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Sandra Walter ~ Unifying the Divine Continuum of Self

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,
There is a vastness, an infinite beauty to this passage of Resurrection which cannot be distilled into words. We turn to creativity in these passages of transformation. Creativity assists in integrating what is occurring in our own consciousness; it light-grounds our experiences for the collective, and assists us in comprehending dramatic shifts as we attain higher and higher levels of expansion.
These higher frequencies can only be interpreted with the Heart. They literally miss the lower levels of the mind.

Evidence of Humanity’s Shift of Consciousness by Patricia Cota-Robles 

October 22, 2015
Now that everyone has had a few weeks to assimilate and evaluate through their own personal experience the most powerful influx of Light the World has ever known, I would like to share with you some information from On High that may enhance your understanding of what has actually taken place. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth said that the Portal of Light that was opened during the amazing Eclipse Series in September 2015, and the Collective Cup of Consciousness that was formed by Humanity through the synchronicity of myriad outer-world events that coincided with the Eclipses, an unprecedented Global shift of consciousness was cocreated in the Realms of Cause by the I AM Presences of Humanity en masse.

Jamye Price ~ Weekly LightBlast ~ Being alive

OCTOBER 22, 2015

Being Alive

Life is a magnificent journey of the inner and the outer meeting in your awareness. You are Life. You are creating Life on Earth as you perceive, choose and take action or inaction. You are the blessing of Life in human form, blessing Life with your unique forming of it. How much does Life love you? It puts itself in your hands, your heart, your head. What Life are you forming?

There is so much Love for you that Life perceives whatever you form as perfect. It is easy in the moments of grace. Yet in a moment of pain, Life opens to you just as easily, allowing that pain to flow through the creation of itself - Loving you incessantly without condition. There is no resistance to your pain, for it is Known to be a catalyst for new form.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont - Promemoria e riflessione del momento dall'Arcangelo Metatron - I Custodi dei portali e gli apripista

Translation by : Valentina Vazzaz


è particolarmente importante essere aperti ad ogni aspetto di questo processo Divino ed  essere consapevoli che tutto va bene. Dovete arrendervi con piena accettazione e lasciare che il processo si dispieghi da sé; dovete osare lasciare andare specialmente gli schemi di pensiero e la mente, altrimenti potreste bloccare il flusso e causare un qualche tipo di disagio.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ As the whirlwind of shift comes and whips our cosmic coiffures out of shape

We all look with a thankful heart knowing the winds of change could come down our street any day. So much is happening on every level of self and planet it is not easy to know exactly how to deal with it or what type of energy to send it. We do not know what the land needs or the river or the ocean, most days we do not know what we need.

Each timeline and situation we interfere with seems to have a revised sense of self that sprouts up like magic beans. We just cannot see the big picture from our point of understanding. Do we step into the future and seek the possible answer and risk changing the now, or do we allow what is happening to continue? If we make peace in this part of the world will war break out in a parallel longitude or latitude?

Selacia ~ New Energies New You

by Selacia
With much of the recent cosmic turmoil behind us, do take notice of the calmer energies and set aside time to self-reflect. You aren't the same being you were last October, in part because of moving through some quite challenging times but also due to acceleration in your waking up process. You now see the world and yourself through new eyes, and you can catapult your forward movement by recognizing this and then applying what you have learned.

In 2015 alone your outer world has changed dramatically, much of the shift unrecognizable when you are immersed in it. A couple of years from now, however, you will look back in amazement of how radically different things are - from everyday life impacted by technology to realizing more and more that we are global humans living on a small planet.

Bob Fickes ~ The Most Amazing Crystal Bowls on the Planet

When we were on our road trip across America, we had a special opportunity to stop by the manufacturer of Crystal Bowls in Salt Lake City. Normally Crystal Tones never allows the public to come to their factory directly. But we were lucky and they opened their hearts to us and permitted us to come in. Crystal Tones distributes crystal bowls throughout the world and has a reputation of producing the highest quality bowls on the planet. They are particularly well known for producing bowls composed of precious gems that emit frequencies from the celestial realms and open the higher chakras.

Celia Fenn ~ AA Michael ~ Sacred Union : The Balance Returns after the Grounding of the Sacred Masculine Luminosity

1 photo 22


Beloved Family of Light, it has been a tumultuous time this last month as Waves Of Luminous Light have washed over your Beloved Planet Earth, and have been integrated into the Crystalline Grids of the New Earth's Sacred Geometric Structures. It is a moment of Great Joy as the New Frequencies of Light reconnect you with the Ancient Light Codes of the Divine God Force or Creative Intelligence.

The most exciting aspect of this for Us, in the Angelic Realms of Light, has been the grounding of the Divine Sacred Masculine in its new frequencies. This grounding of the Divine Sacred Masculine has been activated and enabled by the beautiful and loving energies of the Divine Feminine as they are expressed in the New Earth frequency of the Fifth Dimension.

These waves of Light Codes that were initiated at the 8/8/8 in August will reach their culmination in a moment of Sacred Union or Sacred Marriage on the 11th of November, or the 11/11/8. At this time, the Divine Frequencies of Masculine and Feminine in their new luminosity will come into Balance in Sacred Union and will express Sacred God Force in the Higher Dimensional energies.

Suzanne Lie ~ THE SYLPHS, Air Elementals, SPEAK--BY GAIA'S SYLPHS 10-21-15

THE SYLPHS, Air Elementals, SPEAK

By Gaia’s Sylphs

Good Nowness Dear Human,
We the Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have come to speak with you this day. We are so honored to be able to have a voice for the ears of humanity. Always, we have floated past humans without you ever knowing we are with you. We have often whispered in your ear, and some of you even heard us. Unfortunately, very few could understand what you heard.

What we have been saying all these millennia is that we feel your breath within our sky. When you breathe out your sorrow, we feel sad and concerned. When you are frightened or angry we feel these emotions and wish to comfort you. Wonderfully, when you breathe out happiness we feel joy and wish to join you in your play.

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Recordatorio y Reflexión del momento, por el Arcángel Metatrón ~ Guardianes y Mostradores de la Puerta

Translation by Gloria Mühlebach <3 Thank you!


Es particularmente importante estar abierto para cada faceta de este proceso Divino, así
como estar conscientes de que todo está bien. Tienen que entregarse aceptando plenamente a fin de permitir que el proceso se despliegue; tienen que atreverse a dejar ir, especialmente los patrones de pensamiento y la mente, o de otro modo podrían obstruir el flujo y causar algún tipo de incomodidad.  

Los trabajadores que están presentes en la Tierra parasentar esas energías y quienes operan como canalizadores durante este proceso pudieran esperar las energías más intensas a fin de pasarlas al colectivo de la humanidad y a la Tierra Madre. Ellos son los portadores de las nuevas energías y ésa es su misión. Es sumamente importante para ellos abrirse a estas energías y aceptarlas; en eso tienen que trabajar y enfocarse.