Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Deva Language

All of the problems we face in the world come from being out of synchrony with Nature. The ancient healers and wisdom masters of every tradition knew how to bring people back into alignment with the vibration of the universe. There was no need for surgery or invasive techniques to heal them.
The most ancient technique for bringing people back into synchronicity with the universe was vibrational healing using sacred sound. He ancient shamans had the ability to hear the specific vibrations of the universe. The sounds they produced were said to be the language of the gods or angels known as the Deva Language. Today we would say that Deva Language creates the sounds of the molecules and tunes each molecule to adjust to the original rhythms of the universe.

Mastering the Deva Language is learned through a series of specific instructions that first help to clear the healer and bring them into synchrony with the universe. The next step is to receive a Mantra or specific sound that helps the healer to tune in to the right frequency where every sound is mimicking the original vibrations of the universe. This is where we need to be careful not to tune in to some level of vibration that contains any distortion or friction with the universe. Once the training is completed, the healer can use the Deva Language to readjust the frequencies of a person’s body or something in nature that is out of harmony with the universe.
Deva Language is a simple but amazingly effective tool to help heal our world without any side effects that might bring friction to the person or to the universe. Any negative condition can be healed and brought back into synchrony with the universe if the healer has developed the skill of using Deva Language. Very fun and very effective! Some of you have experienced this during the Jaupu Healing that is offered by the teachers of Fulfillment Meditation. Now you can more easily understand how it works. Enjoy!

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