Sunday, October 11, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Love Yantra Healing for the Dolphins

We started the Love Mantra Workshop with a guided meditation using mantras and the room went very silent. All of the people at this workshop were very advanced in their spiritual growth. This is really a high-powered group all ready to do their work to help heal the planet and themselves.
When I showed them the yantra many people felt a soothing laser light emanating from it. The comments were very deep and insightful. One lady said that she felt the yantra was cleaning the lens of perception so we could see into the deeper realms of the universe.

Another lady suggested that we use the yantra to help heal the pollution in the ocean. She suggested that we place the yantra in the water and send our love and light through it to heal the pollution that is harming the life of the dolphins. We all decided to do this healing on the beach on Sunday. We want to call on all of you to help send your intention into the waters of the ocean and give assistance to our friends the dolphins to have a better life.
Water is an amazing conductor of electricity. This lady was a scientist and explained that even if we can only heal 10% of the water, the internal structure of water can spontaneously heal the remaining 90%. The dolphins are precious to this earth and deserve our assistance and can respond instantly to our love. Please join us on Sunday for this global healing for the dolphins and our mother ocean.

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