Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lauren C Gorgo ~ Excerpt of 5D report ~ Resurrection: a new life cycle begins

peachreporticonAs of 10/10 many at the fore have completed a major life cycle, entered into a holding space, and are preparing to begin a brand new chapter of life on 11/11.
September, and all of its accompanying celestial blessings, brought us THE force...the Source frequency (creation) codes needed for our new life cycle…where October has been clearing the space in our bodies (hello super intensified solar activity) for those energies to enter and anchor into the physical parts of our lives and world. November (universal ONE month) will reveal our new path/purpose more clearly, along with the physical components needed to create it.
At the moment we are currently in a very liquidy void space where everything is kind of floating in an abyss with little to no structure and/or ability to decipher where we are headed or why…most of us can’t muster up the motivation to care.  Even still, there is a steady new creative constant that is always rallying beneath us, pulsing thru us, even if barely perceptible at times…a palpable, vibrational safety net that prevents us from falling prey to the past, to the (under)world that we have just very recently moved out of.

During these upgrade/rewiring/recalibration periods the rug can get pulled out from under us…to the point that we loose our footing…forcing us to turn inward, and so regular life can suddenly feel stressful and/or overwhelming. These creative energies are definitely not slowing down, and incidentally neither are we, so when we lose our footing we end up just spinning our wheels…really fast…like flooring the gas with the brakes on. This is officially an unfun scenario, but everywhere we look there are things to tend to, to wrap up from the past, to prepare for new life…the pile keeps building and there is no end in sight.
We know from too much experience that when things speed up we definitely need to slow down, to get still, but even just being in a body is a strain right now as we embody deeper into ourcellves and incessantly clear/purge/detox in order to acclimate to the frequencies of Home.
According to the star beings we are currently doing two important things: 1) sorting thru the parts of our self and past that we will/will not be taking with us to the new world, and 2) pulling any remaining soul fragments back from our old lives so that we can enter into unity whole, with our full Selves in tact. As we whole ourselves, we are actually healing the tear in the fabric of life itself, returning to our rightful place and position…from before we fell from grace…as fully consciousness beings.
This sorting and reclamation process requires our complete focus on ourselves, so it can feel as tho we are in a bubble and everything that matters to us is rescinding… pulling away and/or ending.  This is just temporary and part of the fallow period…the inbreath before the next out breath…which, I am hearing begins on the 11-11, the gateway that marks the commencement of the integrated merger.
There is a also definite sense of the separation of worlds (duality/unity) as many beings prepare to cross over…WITH their physical selves…into the new reality system. Realize that the physical and emotional bodies can read these transition experiences as actual death, so keep that in mind if you have been experiencing any suffocating heaviness, claustrophobic/trapped sensations (like the walls are closing in on you) and/or witnessing passing death-related thoughts/feelings.  These are all “normal” transition-type side effects of moving into a higher vibrating reality.   
NOTE: During these periods of being between worlds, the veil thins to the point that we can temporarily feel a lot closer to/longing for Home, and/or for those people we love on the other side. This can be a confusing experience, especially when we are feeling disconnected from much of anything in the physical world.  Know that this is simply a transitional phase that presents before any major rebirth.  As always, this too shall pass.
So yes, we are being stretched and kneaded, squeezed and perhaps pushed too far for our liking, but this is all in preparation for what the Pleiadians call a continuation of accelerated change….for some, this means moving deeply into the resurrection phase.
While we have certainly experienced multiple (spiritual, mental & emotional) resurrections and rebirths on this journey, the effects have yet to fully manifest in our physical bodies and lives. This, according to my Sources, is changing now…to the point that we may even want to record our experiences:
You are approaching your destiny as physicalized GODs. 
In the upcoming cycle there will be much witness, to remember, to document, as you awaken to the splendor of what it means to live, unimpeded by the lower world of form.
Yes, you are about to bear witness to the underpinnings of a new human society. -Pleiadian High Council
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