Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Water Meditation Soothes the Soul

When I was working in an office in Santa Monica many years ago, at the end of a long day I would walk down to the beach and just sit by the ocean. I would let my emotions move with the rhythm of the waves and slowly relax. All my stress would wash away. Today after a long drive up the California coast, I checked into our hotel that was right on the bay. I decided to walk to the bay and just feel the ripples on the water. It was so soothing! Within minutes I felt refreshed.

Consciousness is like water. When we get stressed, our consciousness freezes up and we feel tired. But if we take a moment to be by the water and just relax into the flow of the ripples, in a very short time we feel refreshed. Water melts the stress and restores the flow of our life force. Water also absorbs our friction and dissolves our negativity. What an easy way to heal our self after a day of stressful activity.
Water is the perfect meditation to bring us back in harmony with nature. Thank you Mother Earth for all your wonderful gifts.

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