Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Finding Peace and Harmony in this Life

Everything comes from our self. What we think. What we do. What we feel. The problem is that we think that our mind knows what to do. But the world around us disagrees. We think something good, but something negative happens. Mind is not reliable to change the world around us.
When we do something good, often we see that the world around us disagrees or reacts negatively to our good behavior. Just changing our behavior is no guarantee that the world will start to react more positively to our actions.

When we feel good feelings and offer our love, we expect that this is enough to change the world around us. But just feeling good feelings and sending love often backfires and the world around us reacts by taking advantage of us and makes us feel unhappy.
Everything comes from Source. Source is the deepest and most silent part of our being. It is God-In-Us. Source is eternally peaceful and never expects anything. It just silently witnesses our life and goes with the flow.
If we are going to find peace and harmony in this life and see the world around us respond with love and support for us, we must learn how to go beyond our thoughts and desires, go beyond our behavior, and go deeper than what our emotions and feelings want to experience.
Source is the deepest part of our being. It is God-In-Us. It is the Universe moving through us. When the Universe moves through us, the world around us agrees with us and everything we need begins to happen without effort.
How do I do this? Well, the answer is easier than you think, easier than doing something good, and easier than feeling what you want. Turn off your mind and your desires and all the “have to have this”. Close your eyes and find your center. The very center of your being is where you feel quiet and peaceful. This inner silence is the Core of the Universe in you. It is the Source of all that you are.
Feel the universe inside of you and ask what does the universe in me want? Not what I want but what the universe wants. Trust that if the universe wants it, everything in the world around you will agree. More importantly, trust that what the universe inside of you wants is also what is in your highest interest and will bring you peace and happiness. You are the universe. You come from the universe.
Your mind has distracted you into thinking that the world around you is different than you are. Your feelings and actions have been guided by your own selfish motives and if you think the world around you cannot support you, you are out of harmony and trust for this universe. This is the first thing we need to do if we want to change our life. Tune in to what the universe inside of you wants and let go of your ego centered desires. Pushing the universe will only bring a backlash of resistance and more friction into your life.
If you want to be happy, let go of everything you have to have and tune in to what the universe wants to give you. In time you will see how the universe is really on your side and wants to help you with every step you take. You are born from the universe. At the very center of your being you are the universe. Trusting the universe is really nothing more than letting go of all the control and finding the silent center of your being. The universe is your friend and your teacher. It is never against you and will never punish you.
You are the universe and it is the only friend you have. Trust your silence and feel what the universe wants to give you right now. Step by step you will learn to trust that the universe can and will give you everything you want and bring you peace and harmony with all living things.
When I trust the universe, everything is a joy and a surprise or a miracle. Find your inner silence and start a new life. Start this new life today not tomorrow.

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