Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Most Amazing Crystal Bowls on the Planet

When we were on our road trip across America, we had a special opportunity to stop by the manufacturer of Crystal Bowls in Salt Lake City. Normally Crystal Tones never allows the public to come to their factory directly. But we were lucky and they opened their hearts to us and permitted us to come in. Crystal Tones distributes crystal bowls throughout the world and has a reputation of producing the highest quality bowls on the planet. They are particularly well known for producing bowls composed of precious gems that emit frequencies from the celestial realms and open the higher chakras.

The staff and the owner/creator at Crystal Tones helped us to choose the best three bowls from the hundreds of bowls they had in stock. The three bowls are highly synchronized to be played together and produce the most amazing sounds I have ever experienced. I will be playing these bowls during my next tour in Japan and feel very excited to see what happens. I will do a channeled guidance to take you on a journey into the celestial realms and lift your consciousness to new levels of love and joy. Here is a brief description of what these bowls are and what they can do:
The Ocean Gold bowl energy is very tranquil and soothing, just like the Oceans waves. It calms us so it is easier for us to go with the flow of things in life. This bowl was created from the highest quality of pure gold mixed with crystals and other gems and heated until the gold transformed into pure ocean blue creating the sound and color of the ocean. The pure blue gold is a frequency that soothes the soul and brings us into harmony with the ocean of the universe as well as Mother Ocean on planet earth.
The Azeztulite bowl energy is the most powerful frequency of light known in the universe. It opens the higher chakras and removes old patterns of fear, sickness and death while at the same time brings in an energy that accelerates every cell in our body to vibrate with the frequency of the Central Sun (the highest realm at the very center of the universe). This bowl will make you vibrate from head to toe with celestial light and love.
The Rose Platinum bowl has a motherly nurturing energy. The Rose color was created from gem quality rose quartz and awakens the vibration of love. Pure platinum was mixed with the rose quartz to awaken the Pure Feminine Ray of Love and Light. Platinum also quickens the rate at which you are healing and receiving information from the universe.
The combination of sounds these bowls produce together is extraordinary. I hope to share this energy with as many people as possible and bring us all into a new experience of the Divinity of Life that is dawning on our planet.

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