Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Renewal and Rebirth: the Gift of the Magic of this Universe

Recently I have been feeling like I am starting my life all over again from zero. Being in America when I haven’t been here for so long, most people forgot about me and it was very slow. But the people who showed up at my workshops were all advanced in the spiritual fields and very successful in what they do. They loved the work and particularly were excited about the Love Mantra program. By the end of the workshop they were all bursting with excitement and wanting more. It’s nice to know that I have something to give them when America is so full with many forms of meditation and healing. I feel renewed and reborn.

Most exciting was a message from Merlin about using the human voice to transform the world around us. It was an amazing message about how to use mantras and deva language (the universal language from the realms of heaven) to be a vehicle for the heart to create a magical world for our future on Earth. I will use these tools in all of my upcoming work in Japan and America to bring a new level to our experience of the power of the universe. I am so excited and so grateful to the masters for giving us a whole new level of spiritual experience that can lift the power for our heart to create a better life for everyone to enjoy. I look forward to sharing these tools when I come to Japan in November.
I send a special thanks and deep love to all my friends for the support and encouragement you have given to me. My heart has been touched so deeply. Thank you all so much!

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