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There has been a lot of talk — and I mean a LOT of talk — about the concept of twin flames lately, coming through the dozen or so blogs and sources I trust and look to on a regular basis. Many of the viewpoints corroborate each other, some are particularly constraining, and others have a bit of wiggle room for varied interpretation. For my part, with apologies, I always thought the notion was a bit silly. I am no stranger to soul mates — both in the abstract, as well to my great joy, at certain special points along my personal timeline. But “One Twin” has seemed to me a bit far-fetched. Who is making and keeping these rules of deportment, arranging who can be siblings or not? Recently this whole notion has been knocking a bit more loudly at my door, not only in the various blogs and facebook postings, but also in my own life. I am quite sure I am in good company on this one.

Language {and the New Age …}

I love language. In addition to wearing various other “hats,” I have been employed in and was brought up around the advertising trade. I see semantics and branding in everything, and I see it in this question as well. “What is it exactly you are saying? What is your perspective and experience?” It is well known that human language was designed to approximate greater truths while remaining within a distorted and limited framework. Our definitions of soul mates, soul family, twin flame, higher beings, greater self, ascension, you name it, are all stabs at expressing the inexpressible. It’s no wonder most of us are a little confused from time to time!