Monday, December 30, 2013

Sandra Walter ~ Walking into 2014 Centered in Love and Grace

Monitor your progress by how your heart and energy fields feel – it is undeniably strong today (that’s pure, divine, blissy, expansive, NOW light). Adjust your intention/process/attention accordingly.
Walk through this passage with grace. We cannot rely on anything habitual or belief-based. This includes spirituality itself.

When emotions present, observe and feel it, but don’t embody the drama. Drama is illusion; it reflects the breaking apart of old collective agreements. The Source-Point of the Heart center is not concerned with drama, habits, beliefs, the illusion. The pinpoint of pure Source light within your Heart Center will provide comfort, calm and companionship through this challenging passage. It is your genesis; your true nature.
We have SO much love available to us right now. Engage Universal Law and send gratitude, love and support to all of Creation. You will receive it back a thousandfold. Vibration = Vibration

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