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There has been a lot of talk — and I mean a LOT of talk — about the concept of twin flames lately, coming through the dozen or so blogs and sources I trust and look to on a regular basis. Many of the viewpoints corroborate each other, some are particularly constraining, and others have a bit of wiggle room for varied interpretation. For my part, with apologies, I always thought the notion was a bit silly. I am no stranger to soul mates — both in the abstract, as well to my great joy, at certain special points along my personal timeline. But “One Twin” has seemed to me a bit far-fetched. Who is making and keeping these rules of deportment, arranging who can be siblings or not? Recently this whole notion has been knocking a bit more loudly at my door, not only in the various blogs and facebook postings, but also in my own life. I am quite sure I am in good company on this one.

Language {and the New Age …}

I love language. In addition to wearing various other “hats,” I have been employed in and was brought up around the advertising trade. I see semantics and branding in everything, and I see it in this question as well. “What is it exactly you are saying? What is your perspective and experience?” It is well known that human language was designed to approximate greater truths while remaining within a distorted and limited framework. Our definitions of soul mates, soul family, twin flame, higher beings, greater self, ascension, you name it, are all stabs at expressing the inexpressible. It’s no wonder most of us are a little confused from time to time!

We are all at this time moving from a world of very tight concepts, with its fast definitions and proscribed structures, into one that is more dynamic, where we write the script {as long as it is in keeping with the good of our fellows}, grounded in Unity Consciousness. Yes, there is a new Framework, and it has its Rules. Still we are All One — a thing we can feel inside us at times, from our current perspective, and at other times a concept that just makes sense to us, somehow. So why shouldn’t we be aligning more closely with our mates?
Now, it can be very easy to choose what writings and videos resonate with us, and say, that is Truth. And indeed, that is what we are all guided to do — not just those of us who spend time thinking about such things. In this transitional phase on Gaia and in our already-created world, we are encouraged to seek and express our truth — and have also been doing so for quite a while, by virtue of the soap-box mentality so common to Earth humans.

Soul Mates vs Twin Flames? Our Androgyny is the Key

There was a piece I read recently about not being dismayed by encountering many, many soul mates in these days. It is from Méline Lafont, who conveys a Message from MahaChohan Ragoczy. They write: “… That’s the reason why all of a sudden many soulmates are finding each other in this life and even more than one soulmate because each of you has multiple soulmates. … Also included is the connection with the one and only Twin Flame because firstly connections will be made with the parts of the joint aspects that someone shares with a soul mate as it functions as a kind of merger in consciousness by coming together one way or the other in your current incarnation. … Don’t be afraid when multiple soulmates enter your life rather than just one as you have many soul aspects of yourself and your Twin Flame, that are hiding, as it were, in those soulmates.” ❥
I used to have dreams about a good friend of mine. I would be distressed about something {in the dream, and presumably in life at that point} and he would show up wherever I was, on a travelling train, or in a house full of things needing to be cleared — he would have a beer in hand for me, and we would sit and talk for a while until I felt grounded again. This is how our friendship was in this life when we were living in the same circumstance. I consider him to be a close soul mate and treasure his presence. Some time last year there was a new dream of visiting him and his wife in this life — who is also a close beloved of mine — and there was a moment of meeting where the energies rushed through us and everything aligned and grounded for me. Much better than that delicious beer….
More lately there was another dream which I thought was this same fellow: I entered our shared space {in the dream — presumably on ship} and announced I was going out for the evening and was looking forward to seeing him later. He told me he was traveling for a few days, leaving soon, and I was like, oh, then come here now. It was not sexual, but again energetic with the kind of rush one can get from sex, but about connection and alignment. I felt completely recharged and learned something when I woke up and remembered the dream. This same energetic movement I relate to Kundalini activation which I have been reading about regarding Twin Flames — and experiencing these past months, after engaging {switching “on”} with my wonderful, somewhat enigmatic new companion. {I will post links at the end of this article to postings describing the phenomenon. I will NOT be divulging private secrets! ;) }
My old friend’s energy signature in those dreams is very similar to what I am experiencing here today in my current possibly-twin-flame encounter — and I believe that he, my friend from years ago, is a component of our larger group Self. And so when viewing it from a Twin Flame perspective, it makes some extra sense.
Our Greater Self is our Source and is androgynous. Our manifestations on this Earth today are generally male and female, and when they come together in life or dreams, we balance the whole expression in support of this greater mission at this time of shift and ascension — of collective evolution. As we re-integrate all the parts of our Soul — and before we achieve true energetic androgyny on our way back to source — the “parts” of the Self can coalesce into male/female aspects and this manifests/shows as Twin Flame. Seth insists: “There are no divisions to the self.”
To that, there is one other individual in my past experience that I used to confuse in the dream state with the old friend described above. All of these people I have had past lives with and we come from Source together. I believe the confusion is instructive: It IS the same soul, and we are all connected, we are all ONE. We choose expressions that line up with our chosen mission or path, and depending on the specific energies, we will align with one or another as “soul mate” for that time. Generally the same friends will realign this way together — although occasionally there is someone from more “outside of” the core {as expressed in the moment}, who will come into clear focus for a good reason.
We are all growing toward our unified soul and an androgynous state. It is just for this incarnation that it gets so confusing.

Counterparts: Other and Concurrent Incarnations

If I have a parallel incarnation in, say, India in this timeline and time frame, also as a woman, and I happen to “meet” myself — what happens? Do we explode? Certainly not. We are ALL “one” and we meet ourselves constantly through our “other” embodiments, every time we have an exchange with anyone — anyone at all. From Way of Mastery — Twin Souls: “In a very real sense, ALL beings we encounter are our ‘soul-mates’. Jeshua refers to this as ‘Friends of the Heart’ “
By the same token, let’s just say that our so-called twin flame also has more than one incarnation {facet, aspect, expression, avatar …}. “They” may abide on a ship, or have manifested in a person you may have met in your youth. If they are an alternate incarnation of your twin flame, and you meet when you are in your 20s, is it less valid than meeting at age 48, “during ascension”? You are each presumably somewhat more mature by then…. Continuing the example, if you “meet later” in the 7th dimension, does that negate your meeting today? And yet.. you are different expressions at each of these times, because the soul grows continually, and its expression in every focus is JOINED to that focus. In that sense, it is all illusion.
I can say with absolute certainty that my prior encounters with other close aspects of my own Soul, {named by their own individual names/manifestations}, have been very intense on a heart-soul-recognition level, and have led us ALL forward, into where we are now.
I have also read it implied that some choose to incarnate as twin flames per se, where presumably others have soul mates but no twin flame. There are of course more than one soul mate for everyone, no matter what the choice is. I had not believed in twin flames until my recent Kundalini activation. This information may be valid for many readers. From Wes Annac: SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council: Pure Love Creates and Sustains your Realities ”Many twin flames have incarnated on your world and physically separated despite the fact that at a spiritual level, they are aligned and united. Pure Love Creates and sustains your realities and when we use the term Love, we do not use it in the hollow sense many on the Earth have been accustomed to.” I may be misinterpreting this message, and am open to growth and new understanding.

My Story Today

I am currently in the process of “breaking up” with one of my close soul family. We’ve been together for almost eight years, as such. Our families have been friends for 4–5 generations, and our dads were best friends at about age 14–15 — I’ll say they were/are soul mates {they have both passed on now}. The legacy of love and affection between these two families is strong and true. Any of my family — either family — who might chance on this article, will be having an eye-widening moment: my pen-name-cover utterly blown. :)
The “breakup” or moving apart I am going through {and by the way, thanks Ron Head and Creator for some important perspective…!} was catalyzed by my partner’s need to grow and expand in his own space — to live alone — and is essentially symptomatic of what we are all experiencing at this time: namely the “breakdown” of the old 3D. Some aspects of our couplehood were based on fairly brittle habits of interaction learned through our parents and early encounters, etc. Our love and friendship experienced some slight turbulence during the active part of the “breakup,” but has otherwise sailed through the first two months, and bodes fair to remain as strong and rewarding as ever, going forward — perhaps with some minor adjustments.
As if I weren’t happy enough to see our good friendship not only survive, but actually begin to thrive again, here is where the magic happened for me in particular: Unbeknownst to either of us, my friend’s “shutting the door” immediately popped open a sizeable window for me, and this is the experience that is now really quite twin-flame-ish to me…
I am in a bit of tailspin, trying to grapple with a delicate and complicated situation. {Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame: “When Twin Flames come together, they often encounter enormous challenges. Though compatible in every regard, they’ll find themselves in drastically different circumstances.” This article also mentions our current state of amnesia.} There is very much love behind our coming together, and the strength of it is bracing. With my growing trust in my own intuition … well … suffice it to say I am getting more and more information whispered in my ear these days, usually backed up by synchronistic “signs,” and generally upon request: One morning after a somewhat tortured evening, I awoke to “he is your soul, twinned.” I had not been thinking of him this way!!
Prior to the catalysing breakup, I had been having occasional dreams about my twin-like friend — who it is safe to say had been hiding in plain view — where we would work aligned together in larger group endeavours and enjoy a closeness that feels almost like we are the same energy signature. In one of these dreams, my soon to be ex was also present, and not paired up with anyone, as everyone else was — but carrying his share of the collective “load” upon singular, broad shoulders.
After asking for truth messages from my higher self and/or from my Flame — and to feel better in the loving truth — I had a dream of a reassuring encounter with him as a Pleiadian figure with his current 3D face in front, like a mask, saying: this is the face you know me as. ~My friend Laura writes: “I could not see his face though [in the dream], he had decided not to show his face to me.. [...] I did recognise a distinctive energy about him though, and it was not one that i have felt in 3D before.. [...] having said that, his energy/ vibration is SO SO similar to all the soul mates that i have met in this life time and to be honest, he can be any of them.”
Laura is right: it doesn’t feel the same at all to the normal experience. I confide to a friend: I saw “a side of him that was totally new to me and also really familiar.” I also remember months earlier mentioning to Méline how the dream world was beginning to manifest for me in a semi-solid state and merging with the world I have been familiar with. As in: every now and then I wake up and know that what I have dreamt is more real than what I am about to condense and begin for the day. So after that very real dream of working together closely with this individual, this beloved — I commented on her blog link on fb {The Arcturians ~ This reality is litterally cracking in on itself and it is not quite clear for us how much longer this illusory reality can be maintained}: “I watch as my dreaming self changes and merges into my waking life.”

Mission, and Second Phase

We are all entering our second phase of life plan for this incarnation, now that the planet is shifting, and so these partnerships are starting to reveal themselves — it keeps us growing in love. As for our topic, again from Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame: ”The only reason that Twin Flames come together in the same lifetime is to fulfill a shared mission.”
Yet furthermore, no outcome is foreordained. There may be a plan, a program, a job to do, an alliance, an allegiance — yet we are still each ourselves, twin flame or no. Our mission may indeed include much time apart in addition to the exquisite togetherness, including working in close conjunction — still tending to our other loves as well, including all our treasured family members. To be sure, others in the larger group will undoubtedly move aside a smidge or more in honour of what is emerging between their friends. I still believe the question of Twins is seen, forgive me again, quite a bit myopically {near- or tunnel-sighted}. If you were born a physical twin, you would not dismiss the rest of your family or your connection to your group. I expect my experience to be remarkable, miraculous, magnificent. Yet neither will I forsake my other soul mates. And what of when our mission is complete? Energetic beings evolve and grow, morph, etc. …. At some juncture we may say, job well done, love, I take your support and inspiration with me to the next endeavour. It may be two years or twenty, or two thousand — who can say? Change is the only universal constant. But rest assured that a soul alliance, even those which have “now” seemingly gone by the wayside, is as eternal as anything else.
Even more germane to the topic is this: We each hold Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine inside our selves, our souls, each our incarnations. The point is, to merge and balance these Within Ourselves. At times the talk of Twin Flames is way too literal. If we hold our true androgynous energy, and the totality of our soul’s balance within our incarnation — that is the feat! Twin Flame is a CONCEPT that seeks to embody the balance within a particular incarnation. Some bear this concept out more literally than others. The truth is in our Souls.
Little of this is consolation to those yearning for reunion, or an answer to the confusion that can arise with yet another soul love, or to a conflict surrounding the circumstances of a recently discovered true friend or mate. My advice: Live from your heart, practice your version of serenity and truth, have tolerance for others even if you are at a loss to understand them; and your friends, mates and flames will come flocking — bringing your mission into clearer view as they emerge. In fact, they may already be there in your theatre, just hiding in the wings for the time being. The right time — or “no time” — will reveal them, wherever they are.


I think one of the reasons we are all thinking and reading and experiencing this broad concept of Twin Flames right now is that All on the Earth are currently balancing Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which have been out of balance for a long time. Both “genders” are equal as our true nature is androgynous. Or: without form, gender and sexual expression is moot. Thinking of your Divine Twin is one way to bring these energies into balance within You, and that is part of what is happening right now. Don’t sweat the details! All is in Divine order. You are loved beyond measure.

Kundalini Activation and Twin Flames

Dare to Meet Your Twin Flame “You will likely experience an explosive inner awakening unlike any other, also known as the Kundalini awakening. The Twin Flame connection is not a relationship. It’s a union.”
Emme’s Path: The Journey To Finding My Soul ”The more bonded and deep the connection between the twin flames becomes, the more deep and intense their Kundalini experiences will become… as their Chakras and energies merge.”
Kundalini Rising ”Meeting with your twin flame will most likely coincide with a kundalini awakening which itself if you don’t know what is happening will leave you thinking you’re losing your marbles. Kundalini is an energy force that lies dormant at the base on the spine, however once activated it starts the process of climbing the central nervous system up the spine and clearing the chakras on its way up.”

Other Links

The Golden Age is returning to Earth a Message from Mother Sekhmet through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 15, 2013 “The Twin Flame is the other part of ourselves. We are created first as a Plasma Ball of Light. As we incarnate into the Physical we divide as a cell divides into Twins, exactly the same, except One is Female and One is Male. We are separated by the Physical Body alone. There is no other form of separation.”
Universal Mother Mary Discusses the Law of Completion and Continuity on Heavenly Blessings, December 3, 2013 ”And I give you practical examples: you meet with me, you meet with loved ones, you fall madly, passionately in love, you choose sacred other, and you think ‘This is it. This is the ultimate.’ And it does not matter — it can be with a child, a partner, a job, a mission, an avocation. And then after a while you turn to me and you say ‘Mother, I am bored. What else is there?’ I know you.”
The Comet Ison and Disclosure… Linda Dillon: “People who said they did not want sacred partnership or didn’t want to do certain jobs are finding themselves in wonderful partnerships, madly in love, and that started with Mary, Mother Mary saying, ‘I want you to fall madly in love with each other’ and boom! everybody’s falling in love, everybody’s getting into sacred partnership if you haven’t been there before. And of course, a sacred partnership with yourself being the most important part.”
Blessings and Love,