Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RE-post!! Belgian MP LAURENT LOUIS - Exposes the International Neo-Colonial Plot

Méline: This video is circulating now as fresh news, however this happened in my country 2 years ago! Nevertheless it is a great thing and I support his truth!  As a citizen of Belgium myself, I can share with you that there is a lot of tension around here!  Belgium is a country that is seriously stuck and the games that are being played here are very inhumane.Unwilling to change, move and shift! We are one of the countries with the most High Taxes, soon we will have to work till we die, alternative treatments are tried to be stopped en punished by Government, vaccinations are pushed to the parents to be given to their children,  absurd rules and policies.. alike all the countries in this world! YET our country is the head of Europe (Brussels) so the Heart of all this matrix, lies and rules are anchored here and where all the decisions for Europe come from.  Belgium is seriously asleep and so  entrapped. There is A LOT of work to be done here!


  1. Dear Meline,

    "There is A LOT of work to be done here!"

    How do you mean this ?
    To change the old and play accordint to there totally corrupted system. Never to get anywhere, as that what they are good in... to blend and make you to focus your power onto their stuff...

    Or to focus even more on the light and love, as there where we put our focus with all our power, that we will manifest ... sonner or later...


    1. Ha Stefan! long time no "see" dear friend! thank you for your thoughts! Thing is, my country is very stuck into these corrupt and absurd system and most peeps are asleep here or too afraid to change it though themselves to begin with....Peeps are fed up with all of this here and things are heating up ( strikings and demands) yet many are afraid as well and prefer to stick with the corrupt rules. Focus on change and halting this all through the Self is the beginning but then peeps have to be awake! So there is a lot of work to bring in light and shift this plane here.. Could use some help over here!!! :) LOL

    2. Dear Meline,

      Oh, I am quit stuck in my old self too!

      I AM working on mySELF to bring more light&love into me...
      Seems like an endless job...also as things outside are getting worse... it seems we get closer... to a bigger shift ... so I keep on going ... ;)

      I send you a BIG hug!


    3. In a way I come to help... ;)
      as end of this month I sell the house and then I move on easter monday to my mother's place (Kusel area) which is much more closer to you... then the Nürnberg area... where I am currently ...


    4. Belgium is seriously asleep and so entrapped There is a lot of work to be done here....Yes dear Méline and that's why we are here and not somewhere else. Let's do everything we can to awaken this part of the world. Blessings of Love and Light to you.

      A Belgian friend!

      By the way, I totally agree with you Stefan. I don't feel like repairing old things that are broken but rather replace them with new ones created and filled with Creator's Love and Light.
      So let's do it with Joy!
      Love and Light to you both.

  2. The problems I see in my homeland Belgium and neighbours (Holland, Germany, Luxemburg, France, UK):
    Many people are "rich" and they know it because we are shown by the media how bad it could be. See Africa, China, Greece, Middle East, Ukraine, South America, USA,...
    How could we complain seriously ?
    Most people have this attitude: What you earn is rightfully yours.
    The rich did the necessary to become rich including inherited wealth. Fair enough for most people.
    Belgian has high taxes to finance social welfare for all.
    But I still wonder how much of that tax money is lost somehow.
    People, especially the poor, know from childhood: Money requires work. Life requires work.
    Long gone are the days where economists predicted a gradual reduction of work hours.
    People rant but do not question the system because nobody, including myself, knows what is true and possible.
    Economists still preach the idea of Adam Smith and his myth of the invisible hand.
    Any kind of social planning = communism = bad, evil and doomed to fail.
    Of course, the high ranking banksters and maybe cabal plan society as much as they can.
    In wonder how much effort and work is wasted by artificially required adminstration and marketing.
    Just to keep people busy and engaged. People even like their stupid > 40 work per week. I envy these people in this regard.
    From a spiritual stand point, I do not understand anything.
    Do we have any responsibility in life ?
    Do we just play out our prenatal contract made by our higher self which thinks we should better not remember anything ?
    Should I continue giving my money to prevent that people in Africa become blind because of a lack of Vitamin A that would cost just a few euros per person ?
    For this alone, voters and elected leaders are so unbelievable sick and disoriented that I doubt that humanity is able to take any responsibility.
    Solid work Anunnaki and spirit (e.g. Kryon); if the stories are real.
    I would love to know what is really going on earth and why humanity is so stupid and narrow minded as it is.
    Assuming law of attraction is true and a universal law, humanity on earth becomes even more of an absurd mystery to me.