Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Life is Perfect – There are No Mistakes

From the Infinite Oneness of Consciousness the universe is born with all of its infinite variety. The One produces the Many just like the ocean moves and produces waves on the surface. All the souls in this universe are expressions of this One Consciousness. Every soul is a Master Soul that has its own unique expression and purpose to fulfill in this universe. The Master Soul is pure and undefiled by karma. We have been calling this Master Soul our Inner Master. Even though the body/mind is full of karma, the Inner Master resides so deep inside of us that it is beyond the reach of even our worst karma. We can say that the Inner Master is watching over us from beyond this world of karma and guiding us every moment with compassion for our earthly life. The Inner Master loves and understands the life that we must live in this world.
Master is already fully Enlightened and in harmony with the grand design of the Universal Divine Plan. When the One Consciousness first moves into waves of Master Souls, every soul is in harmony with the flow of Dharma. As time evolves and karma is created, the Master Soul gets surrounded by layers of karma that eventually hide our Inner Master from our perception in the physical world of each incarnation we experience.

The Inner Master may be hidden from our view, but it is still alive inside of us guiding each step that we take. No matter how many mistakes we make, the Inner Master is still there loving us and patiently waiting for us to clear away the layers of karma and gain more wisdom and compassion for our life. One day when the layers of karma have been peeled away enough, the Inner Master shines through our daily life with all of its radiant Love and we discover Enlightenment. Our Enlightenment has always been there deep inside of us waiting for us to discover it.
When Enlightenment dawns, we realize that we have always been Enlightened! This discovery is much like the lonely wave that thinks it is alone and separate from the ocean. One day the wave learns to look inside and sees that the ocean was always there beneath the surface even when we thought it didn’t exist.
When Enlightenment dawns, we also realize that every step we took to get our Enlightenment was perfect. The life that we have been living was always being guided by our Inner Master and even the things we thought were wrong can now be seen to be part of the process we needed to go through in order to get our Enlightenment. There were never any mistakes! It was all part of a Divine Plan orchestrated and directed by our own Inner Master!

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