Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Learning How to See Parallel Dimensions


We have been taught to see things as they really are. This is the real perception of life. But seeing things as they Really Are also includes looking beyond this physical world into other dimensions. The worlds beyond this physical dimension are vast and infinite. What we see when we use our normal vision is only a small part of Reality. If we are going to look beyond this physical concrete world, we must learn to release our focus and blur our vision enough that we are no longer seeing with our eyes, but seeing more from inside our consciousness.

As our focus melts and our inner vision opens, we start to see with our inner eyes rather than trying to see with our physical eyes. If we are going to “see” the Masters and the world of devas, we cannot look with our eyes. These beings do not live in this dimension. They are not concrete physical beings. They are beings of energy and light that exist in another dimension parallel and coexisting with our reality. We will see them with our inner eyes. Seeing a Master or a deva is usually a perception that we have behind our eyes inside our consciousness almost like a dream. The first time this happens we might think we are imagining them rather than believing that we are really seeing them. Trust your inner vision.

When we visit Nature in the mountains, in a park, or at a Shrine or Temple, allow your dream vision to appear inside your consciousness. When you are visiting a place that inspires your heart, this is a good sign that there is something beautiful and magical living there on another dimension. Your heart can feel it, but your eyes fail to see it. Follow your heart and open your inner consciousness to “see” what is there. At first it might appear as just a glow of light accompanied with a pleasant feeling of warmth in your heart. As you relax your vision more and stay with the energy and the good feeling, your inner vision will adjust to seeing on another dimension and the image of the Master or world of the devas will become clear. Don’t look for details. Just relax and feel the general image or form. A Master will appear as an outline or vague form similar to a human shape but without specific details. It will glow with iridescent energy as a vague form of a Master.

If the image that appears is smaller and closer to the rocks and plants, then allow your vision to look around the rock or plant rather than looking directly at it. You will notice a glow that gets brighter and slowly takes on an appearance like a dream. Yes this is a function of your imagination, but it is also adjusting your perception to the dimension where the devas live. The main thing is to believe that what you are perceiving is coming into view. It might feel like imagination but it is just a new way to see things as they really are on other dimensions. Seeing things as they really are includes the vast realms of perception beyond this physical world. Play with it and enjoy. Your biggest handicap is your own doubt. Let go of all doubt and just enjoy. Slowly your inner vision will adjust and the world of Masters and devas will become visible to you. Play and enjoy!

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