Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ You Are Part of the Divine Plan to Create Ascension for Planet Earth

The Inner Master lives a life in the Universe looking down to our life on Earth and assisting us, guiding us constantly to do the right thing and improve the way we are living. The Divine Director or Almighty Cosmic Consciousness is also directing the movie of our karma and helping everyone to interact in strange ways to clear the friction from life on Earth every day. These two Divine Forces are orchestrating our life at the same time. Some things cannot be avoided. When we withdraw or turn away from our karma, frustration gathers and the force of karma comes to us stronger. In this way we seem to be forced to look at the things that we need to change and make the steps we need to take to improve not only our own life, but transform the world around us. If we are only able to see this physical world, it might look like a world of endless challenge without purpose or meaning. But once the Inner Master wakes up and we can see from outside our day to day life, the mystery and confusion starts to be replaced by a Divine Understanding that there is Infinite Wisdom in every thing we do. Everything is pointing us towards our Enlightenment.
During this time on Earth when the challenges are appearing at every step, the Inner Master is also waking up and moving its immense Master Consciousness through our mind and our body electrifying our existence and elevating our Consciousness. This is the Electricity of Ascension. We are not only creating Enlightenment, we are elevating the level of Consciousness of everything on the planet so that the Earth can move into Ascension.

While this meaningless life is going through many difficult challenges, our Inner Life is becoming more pure and Enlightened. The Masters are gathering in the Heavens and pouring down upon the Earth many blessings. Our own Inner Master is more ready than ever before to rise up in this earthly existence and create Heaven on Earth. This is the time of Ascension.
Over a million years ago, our Inner Master Soul volunteered to be among those who would transform this earth into an Ascended and Enlightened planet where every living being could enjoy the real freedom and pleasure of life in Paradise. This Earth was originally designed to be a place of educating all souls to rise up out of the mud and achieve the ultimate state of Consciousness in Ascension. Each of you who are reading this blog is part of that original Divine Plan. You are waking up inside and changing your life and the world around you even when you are feeling the weight of karma pushing you in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.
The Inner Master is breaking through the veils of karma. As the karma is completed and the wall is broken, a Divine World of Light and Love is emerging far greater than anything we have ever imagined. This is the time of Patience and Trust in the Universe and in our own Inner Master that we are being guided on the right path no matter what our life appears to be doing. We are among those souls who have volunteered to be here and change the face of reality on Earth permanently. Soon you will know why you are here and wake up to the Infinite Truth of your existence. The Inner Master is happy about every step you take and wants to congratulate you for doing this work and transforming your life and the life of everyone around you to create the Grand Ascension of this planet. Bless you my friends! You have done well!

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  1. Thank you for this. It's all becoming clear.