Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Lady Tara: the Wild Buddha!

About ten years ago I was sitting in my Buddha Room with all the photos and statues of the great Masters. I was worried that my path in life was too wild and too human to do the work teaching meditation and helping others to gain Enlightenment. My behavior was certainly not an example of a perfect Master! Although I knew that I had chosen this path, I often wondered if I was doing the right thing by being so normal and sometimes so wild. I wanted to show people that we don’t have to become a Great Master in order to gain Enlightenment. I knew that I had made this choice to be so normal and sometimes live on the wild side, but I also doubted that maybe I was mistaken and should discipline myself to be more what most people expect me to be as a Master.
I looked around the room for an example of a Master who was both Enlightened and living a life in the world of emotion and sometimes rebelling against all the rules. When I looked around, I thought, “You are all too Perfect! You are not living on this Earth the way most people do. In fact, you are all so perfect that you can only be this way in Heaven.”

I cried out to the gods and Masters, “If you want me to change and be so perfect like you are, I will do it. But if I am to live a life in this world of emotion and sometimes rebel against the rules, show me an example of a Master who has done this. I want to know now if I am right to be so rebellious or should I give up and make more of an effort to perfect my self and be like all of you!”
Just then Tara appeared. She me how wild she was. She was the example I was looking for. She used her emotions to stretch her Shakti through any form of karma and expand her Consciousness in any way she needed to become an Enlightened Human here on Earth.
There is a story about Kannon. One day she was feeling that her Divine Form was too out of reach to most people and she felt frustrated that she couldn’t reach the people who needed her the most. On that day, Kannon looked down at the people on Earth and felt their frustration and suffering with so much Compassion that she shed a tear of sadness. When it fell to the Earth, Tara was born and rose up out of the Earth from within the Tear of Sadness.
Tara has Twenty-one personalities. Some of her forms are magnificent and beautiful like Kannon, but other forms are black or red and appear like a demon. Tara uses her Enlightenment to move the karma and set free any soul who is desperate. She uses her emotions to express the karma and stretch her Consciousness into the highest state of Enlightenment. She did merit where ever and whenever she could, but always remained human and living in this world as a woman.
One day the Buddhas came to her and expressed how much they admired her. They said to her, “Your life as a Bodhisattva is so great that one day you will be reborn as a man and get your Enlightenment.”
Tara was upset with their words and responded, “Why do I have to wait to be born as a man to get my Enlightenment and become a Buddha? I will prove to you that not only can I get Enlightenment as a woman, but I will do it as a normal human being living any way that I please.”
The Buddha’s were amazed at her wisdom. They saw her achieve her Enlightenment faster than any master had ever done it. She experienced her Enlightenment entirely on Earth and demonstrated Twenty-one different personalities to the world to show that anyone in any form could become Enlightened.
The Techniques taught by Tara are the most advanced and most powerful of all the Teachings in the Buddhist Tradition. I am excited to teach her techniques this summer to anyone who has completed at least four mantras. We will go through nine different initiations over the course of four weeks. You can attend either one week, two weeks or one month with the Tara Techniques. I hope that many of you will come to experience this amazing course in Chiang Mai.

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