Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Consciousness is the Mysterious Invisible Force of our Life

We place a lot of emphasis on being more conscious of the things that we do in life, but when we are on the Path to Enlightenment there is something even more important to realize. Consciousness also is our Life Force. Because we cannot see Consciousness during the day, we often forget how important Consciousness is to transform the world around us. If I say to you, “How much Consciousness do you have?” Most people will not understand what I am asking.
What is Consciousness? Consciousness is a great unknown. We can’t normally see it but we know it is there. We know we are conscious, but we can’t see it clearly enough to know how much Consciousness we have. Consciousness is invisible. It is there all the time and without it we cannot be alive. Without Consciousness we cannot function. Isn’t it strange that the most important element of our life, the very thing that makes us human, is also the most mysterious and least understood element in our Life.

The only time we have an opportunity to experience Consciousness alone without any other image, thought or experience is during meditation. We call this experience Ku. Ku occurs in every meditation, but usually only lasts a brief moment. It comes and goes during each meditation, but we rarely experience it long enough to know that we experienced it. Does this sound familiar? Is this confusing? It is normal to not realize or understand what Consciousness really is. It is invisible.
After many meditations we begin to have a clear experience of Ku. Ku is Pure Consciousness without any other image, thought or feeling distracting us. Consciousness is like the sky. If we look at the sky, we naturally describe what we see in the sky, like seeing the clouds or birds flying through the sky. How do we describe the sky without talking about the clouds or the sun, or that the sky is blue. The sky by itself has no qualities. The sky is infinite. Even looking at the sky we cannot determine how big it is. The sky goes beyond the perimeter of the Earth. We cannot see how far it goes. The truth is the sky goes beyond what we can see. It never ends. The sky even goes beyond the limits of this universe. Consciousness is the same as the sky. We can never know how big it is. When we have a clear experience of Ku, we feel like our Consciousness has expanded so big that we cannot find an end. Feeling this Infinite Consciousness during meditation is the first time we begin to realize our true Inner Master.
When Consciousness moves, Ku transforms into Ki. Consciousness is our Life Force. It is present in everything we do even when we don’t know it is there. This Life Force is not only coming from inside of us through our thoughts and actions, but it is present everywhere around us. Just like the sky, it goes on forever. Think of it this way, when Consciousness moves, a mighty current of Life Force moves in the form of a wave and travels everywhere in the ocean. It is not limited to moving only through our body/mind. Each and every wave travels beyond our body/mind into the entire universe around us. How long the way lasts and how far it goes depends on how much energy and power is inside the wave. If we can generate more power in each wave, the wave will go farther and last longer. Each time we open to Ku during meditation, we can generate more Life Force or Ki and accomplish more things in our life.
If we have more Life Force in each of our desires, the entire universe will feel it and respond. When our Consciousness has expanded and we create a desire, a very powerful wave of energy is produced that goes out from our body and touches everything around us. This tidal wave of power will move everything in its path. The people around us will feel it and each and every event will be influenced by it. In other words, a strong desire when filled with a tidal wave of Life Force can materialize into any desire we want. That strong desire tells our body to move and we do something to accomplish our desire. At the same time, the strong desire moves beyond our body and makes something happen in the world around us.
When our Consciousness expands and becomes Enlightened, every desire that we have will move through our body and out into the universe. Even a simple desire becomes a tidal wave of Life Force that can materialize what we want in our daily life. In Enlightenment, Consciousness is a tangible wave of power that can accomplish anything we desire. It can even change the world around us! In Enlightenment, the mysterious invisible force of Consciousness becomes a miraculous force that can materialize everything we want. The more we understand this reality, the more we want to become Enlightened as quickly as possible. Fulfillment Meditation is the fastest path to accomplish this goal. All we have to do is meditate each day and watch how our life is getting better and better until we become Infinite.

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