Monday, March 16, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Disintegration of “common” belief systems

karen doonan

As the dissolving of lower dimensional frequency bandwidths continues all that was held in these bandwidths at human consciousness level also dissolves. It may be helpful to look at human consciousness a bit like the internet, each human vehicle which is awake ( as in walking around and not in the period called sleep) has access to this “internet”. As we live our human lives we search for confirmation of our humanity (what being human is) through this “internet”. Anything that is not within this is simply filtered out. Again another example to help is the twelfth monkey example, only if something is recognized at a conscious level by a certain percentage of the human race can it be seen.
So as these lower dimensional band with frequencies are dissolved from the vibrational space they existed, that is around and upon planet earth, everything that manifests from these frequency bandwidths also dissolves. Without the frequency bandwidth there can be no manifestation. Hence “commonly” held belief systems begin to dissolve from the pool of human consciousness.

This means that when any human vehicle unconsciously checks for confirmation of the belief from the pool of human consciousness ( the internet in the example) it will not be found.
At a waking conscious mind level this manifests as confusion and as something “missing”. It may cause the human vehicle who is trying to find the belief to either accept it is no longer there or simply filter out it was ever there.
It is from this dissolving that expansion can occur at a wider human level. If the dissolving did not occur there could be no expansion with ease as the belief system would seek to remain. I have blogged recently how belief systems work to “prove” their worth and try to remain by re- anchoring themselves.
This will allow for concepts and knowledge to begin to flow where previously there were only circles of tightly held belief patterns (held in place by frequency bandwidths). Many at this time may be in a sort of “fog” unable to put their finger on what it is that is happening to them as they move more fully into this expansion.
This “active gateway” is powerful and can work to help us to release more fully that which has sought to hold us tightly in place. It allows for other “options” to be shown to us whilst we make our choices/decisions at human conscious waking mind level.
At this time we are asked to be open to the “new” ideas that are able to flow through us and to allow this “new” knowledge to help us release further expansive energetic spaces. This sees us move out of the very rigid patterns of behavior that may have been challenging to move from.
We are also asked to understand the need of those who cannot readily accept the evolution process even exists as they move into a period of confusion that may see many question their sanity and attempt to live in ways that are now no longer appropriate for a race that is now moving from darkness to light.
By this I mean an existence where they have been kept contained and “in need”. With light and knowledge comes responsibility and this is what is now birthing fully upon the planet earth. The understanding that the human race is bound only by the choices that are made at a personal human conscious waking mind level. As responsibility for our human life experience is re established internally and as we accept full responsibility for the co creation of our own reality then the outer waking reality of ALL upon the planet earth will shift and evolve. This is only ever achieved at a personal and individual level and never collectively as this presents the “human will” over God’s will scenario once more. At a collective level ALL already flows but it flows NATURALLY.  By focusing on the “collective” the personal is filtered out. The key to the “collective” is personal and is why the old 3d earth created reality taught the human race to abdicate responsibility and to place it at the feet of those around them. This interrupted the NATURAL flow of energy and disempowered ALL.
It is not possible to “collectively” create for that is not the function at a human conscious waking mind level of our human vehicle. That is the role of our spirit and God as the picture is too vast to be seen from a human conscious level.  As we accept and acknowledge who we are in TRUTH we will naturally move into co creation and frequency doorways will naturally open to see that what is required to be manifest at human level will manifest.
Those of you who are aligning with this will feel it, as people, places and scenarios are presented to you and the opportunities FIND YOU. This is all based on frequency and runs unseen to the human eyes.
We are asked to breathe and BE and to allow our spirit and God to show us the steps we are asked to take in order to manifest heaven upon earth and move into our evolution and expansion in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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