Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Coming from Lack into Prosperity

Often we forget that having a feeling of lack and feeling poor is a self fulfilling intention. When we feel lack in our life, we are commanding the universe to take everything away. Life is about being alive. Being alive is about moving our heart! When our heart moves, desires come. When desires come, we get up and do something to fulfill them. It is not important what we do. Becoming alive again and desiring to do something we enjoy is the most important step in our life. It isn’t about what we do. It is all about how we feel joy again. Joy is the inspiration to expand our life into something greater than we were before.
When we feel joy and desire something new, visualize yourself having it already. See your self in the future surrounded by the thing you desire. Know that it is really going to happen. If you doubt it, you will cancel it. Never doubt! When there is no doubt and you can really feel that you have it, the universe will bring it to you. Empty your self and make room for what you want. Then the universe will fill the emptiness with what you want. Letting go allows your life force to wake up and your own Inner Master will feel joy and bring it to you sooner than you expect.

There is an old story from Zen. Two monks were meditating under a tree for so long that vines had grown around their bodies. Buddha saw them and decided to visit them and give them a gift. He spoke to them, “I see that you have been meditating a long time and I want to reward you for this. I will answer one question from each of you as your reward.”
He asked the first monk, “What is your question?”
The monk said, “I have been meditating for so long. When will I get my Enlightenment?”
Buddha said, “You have three more lifetimes and then you will get your Enlightenment.”
The monk was so disappointed, “You mean that I have meditated for so long and I still have three more lifetimes until I get Enlightened?”
Buddha smiled and said, “Yes!” Then he turned to the other monk and asked, “What is your question?”
The second monk thought for awhile and finally asked, “I don’t know what to ask but OK, when will I get my Enlightenment?”
Buddha looked around and said, “See the leaves on this tree? This is how many lifetimes you have before you get your Enlightenment!”
The second monk jumped up and started to dance with joy! “You mean I will finally get it?”
Within a few minutes he had his Enlightenment!
When we complain, everything stops. When we feel joy, the universe moves and everything comes. True prosperity is a feeling of Joy!

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