Friday, March 20, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ A Message from St. Germaine – Freedom from Fear

Welcome My Dear Friends! Welcome! I AM St. Germaine.
I have heard your thoughts! You are afraid of death and transformation. But you are going to change and become magnificent! You will not die, but become Immortal! Even as I did two hundred years ago!
Your Soul is already Immortal! You have changed more bodies than you have clothes in your closet! But in each life you remain the same. Isn’t it like changing clothes? When you change your clothes, you are still the same but feel more alive and more inspired to do something wonderful with your life. Your soul is Immortal!

This current body was well chosen! It is the perfect vehicle for your Enlightenment and Ascension. Even with all the challenges and frustrations of karma, you have endured until now. You have visited many enemies on your Path and triumphed over them with Love. Even those who were once your enemies are now beside you as your friends and comrades on the Path to Ascension! How miraculous you are!
When you face your challenge and look into the eyes of those who you fear, give them love! Open your heart to them and lovingly support them. It is the power of Love that will transform their soul into the Magnificent Light of Eternal Truth! The Fire in the Flame of Ascension burns away the mask of karma until your Immortal Inner Master shines with all of its radiant Love.
There is nothing to fear! In the end you will only be your self in all its Divine Glory! There is no pressure! There is only more and more beautiful Love. Love is waiting for you to surrender! Surrender your pressure. Surrender your hopelessness and become Divine! You are That Divinity already!
In my mortal life on Earth I lived in the same body for over three hundred years! I never aged and never grew tired of my life. Each day was a miracle and I was eternally happy. I never gave in to disappointment or frustration. I transformed my feelings into the Violet Flame of Ascension and lifted my spirit into the Light! I wandered throughout Europe to lend my assistance to the people who needed it the most. In my final days I lived briefly in America to make sure that the American Spirit would sign its Declaration of Independence! Wherever there was fear from oppression, I was there to encourage the people to rise up instead of falling down. The True Spirit of Ascension is rising up to meet the challenge of transforming this world.
You have met this challenge, Dear Ones! You are lifting your spirit into the Light of a Higher State of Consciousness and more Abundant Love. You are not alone! We are behind you every step of the way and lift you up again and again until you can stand on your own in all your Power and Glory! Your future will not be dark. Your future will be fully Enlightened and totally Wonderful!
I was called the Wonder Man of Europe! To this end I lived an amazing life. My only purpose was to inspire others to do the impossible and change their life forever. Now we are on the final edge of Time as you know it. The Time of Ascension is here.
I AM Saint Germaine! I embrace you with my Violet Flame and lift you into Eternity! Bless you my friends! Bless you!

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