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Karen Dover ~ Understanding and removing distorted “belief” systems

karen doonan

Many assume that without a “belief” in something then “something” would not exist and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. ALL JUST IS and this is filtered out by those running the frequencies from which the distorted belief systems manifest from.

Let me explain by example, we do not have to believe in TRUTH for TRUTH to exist, TRUTH already exists and we are breaking down the barriers that we have been taught to create to keep us from said TRUTH.

The lower dimensional frequencies which are taught within the old 3d earth construct at first glance appear to be supportive but they work against us and create the personal prisons that many are now understanding exist. Belief systems are anchored from the moment we take our first breath and are reinforced continually as we live our lives. As the human mind will filter out approximately 90 percent of all information available and keeps only that which matches the belief systems running it is easy to see how we prevent expansion by running beliefs.

It is the beliefs that sit at unconscious level within us that run our human life experience. We may state consciously that we believe X at human waking mind level but if we have anchored a lower dimensional frequency which manifests an unconscious belief called y then y will always take precedent over x no matter how firmly we state x.
Human males and human females run unconscious belief systems that are gender specific and are anchored within the first 7 years of human life. These are the foundation from which we build our life experience. What it means to be a “man”, “woman” , “father”, “mother” etc are all referenced from these early years.

At this time upon the planet many are finding themselves facing these unconscious belief patterns and revisiting “old” scenarios and experiences in order to release these patterns. Only TRUTH can manifest and be taken into the New Earth frequency realities and holding on to the distorted belief systems works to prevent expansion on all levels of our human life experience.

If you feel you have reached a stalemate and are unable to expand or move in your outer waking life then you may have reached the edge of your “prison” walls. In order to dissolve them and move into expansion and experience life in TRUTH it is necessary to release the lower dimensional frequency from within your human vehicle. A frequency works like a magnet, pulling towards it the experiences that match its bandwidth. Therefore to have new experiences it is necessary to release the lower dimensional frequencies and anchor higher frequency ones. As the higher frequencies are out with the bandwidth of the lower dimensional ones we cannot run both within our human vehicle. Releasing the lower frequency then allows for anchoring of the higher frequency.

The belief systems work to protect themselves and this can make them challenging to find. If you find yourself triggered to  “prove” a belief then you have triggered the self policing “barb” that seeks to flood you with an emotional response that blinds you to what is playing out. The stronger the emotional response the deeper the anchoring that has taken place and the more the frequency will work to re anchor except once it has been highlighted there is nowhere for it to go.

The energies of the planet are now increasing to levels that it is not possible for the belief to re anchor so it will sit just under the surface causing intense frustration and often anger as the host of said frequency is driven over and over to prove the belief.
At this time we are asked to challenge all belief systems that we feel aligned with. To understand that just because we may share a belief with the majority of the human race this does not mean that the belief is TRUTH. It simply reflects the depth of teachings that were taught in the old 3d earth created construct.

It is to be remembered that anything that is defined is containing and this definition is triggered repeatedly on all levels of our human life experience. We are not in TRUTH our gender, our culture, our age etc etc. All these labels are merely the wrapping paper we are taught to wrap around ourselves in an attempt to align with what we are taught is required at human level in order for us to be part of the human race and to “fit in”. We exist beyond these definitions and this is the walk we are asked to begin. To begin to understand who we are we must let go of what we have been taught that we are or need to be. We are already part of the human race as we are born into it. The old 3d earth created construct seeks to teach us that we must hide our individuality and our uniqueness but that is why we exist, to express this through our human form.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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