Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Shakti: the Spiritual Healing Power of Emotions

In todays age of science and technology we are told that emotions have no place in our daily life. Our infatuation with science and technology is making us think like machines. Our mind does not understand our emotions and thinks it has to control them rather than master them. There is a great difference between controlling our emotions with our mind and mastering our emotions with an open heart. Emotions arise from our heart and show us our power. When we cancel them, we are also canceling our Life Force.
Where do our emotions come from? On the surface it looks like emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt come from our karma. But if we look beneath these emotions and beyond the karma of our soul body and our physical body, we see a very pure and very powerful energy that we call Life Force. The Life Force moves and pushes away any obstruction to our Inner Master. When the water in a pond begins to move, a wave is born that stirs up the dirt at the bottom of the pond. The Inner Master is surrounded by karmic dirt. When the Master’s Energy moves, it shakes the karmic dirt loose and the dirt flows out of its hiding place up to the surface where we can see it. The Master’s Life Force is clearing away the dirt and cleaning our karma so that the real Master can emerge. Behind every emotion is a wave of Life Force that is pushing the dirt that is inside of us out of our body and our consciousness.

Many people see the dirt of karma coming out and don’t like it. They often think that it is better not to meditate if this uncomfortable emotional dirt keeps coming to the surface. But this reasoning is short sighted. If we don’t allow the dirt to come up to the surface, it will remain inside until something we do stirs it up, or worse yet, something that someone else is doing stirs it up. We would rather be dirty on the inside and clean on the outside! How superficial!
Behind every emotion is a wave of Life Force from our Inner Master. Emotions are filled with Spiritual Energy also known as Shakti. This Spiritual Energy looks impure in the beginning but once the dirt has been washed away becomes the most powerful Force in our life. Shakti is Pure Love. This is the Love of the Inner Master who only wants to emerge into our daily life and show us the amazing Healing Power that the Master possesses.
When the Shakti moves, it often looks fearful. We become afraid of the display of emotions and try to stop them. But stopping the emotions only prolongs the agony. If we can allow the emotions to clear safely and away from others, we will eventually get all the dirt of karma out of our consciousness and become a Living and Loving Master. Shakti looks fearful in the beginning and Infinitely Loving in the end. All Shakti is the great healing power of our Inner Master. Emotions are only the surface appearance of what later reveals itself to be our Pure and Undefiled Inner Master.
My teacher used to tell us, “Well begun is half done.” Even when the emotions are starting to come out, you are already halfway to your goal of becoming more peaceful, more happy and more Enlightened. Never stop the process of cleaning house! Continue to feel what ever you feel and relax. Let the energy out. Let the emotions out. In the end you will feel reborn like a caterpillar that once was crawling through the dirt and is now transformed into a butterfly that flies through the sky. Emotions are healing energy that is clearing and revealing your true spiritual nature.

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