Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Test: To See the Truth or Not See the Truth

We can never see or understand what is really happening in the world around us in the now. In the future we often look back and think, “Oh! That’s why that happened!” This is particularly true when we know karma is coming. Even if we know it is coming and try our best to avoid it, there is a moment when we go blind and it happens anyway. It is also this way when the universe is testing us to see if what we believe is just a belief of our mind or is a real truth of our heart.
The universe wants to see if our truth and what we believe is based on the outside or if it is real trust from deep inside of us. There is a story about the end days of Atlantis. The Light Workers were told that the end was coming on a certain date in the future. Everyone was aware of this date for years in advance. All the spiritual people made their preparations. The normal people didn’t believe it so they continued to live their life as they always had.

Then the date came and nothing happened. The normal people said, “I told you nothing would happen.” And many spiritual people lost faith and doubted that spiritual truth was real. Then one year later, the calamity happened and Atlantis sunk into the ocean and disappeared. The only survivors were the ones that knew the truth from deep inside their heart and felt the universe would move when people were not expecting it. When the flood came, the ones who looked from deep inside their heart were in a safe place and could escape. The rest of the people perished, not because they were being punished, but because their minds were blind to the truth. There is no punishment in this universe. But there is the blindness of our mind that fails to see the signs of the right way to go. The truth adds up and our life becomes happier. Our errors and misjudgments add up and we make a mistake. There is no punishment. There is only the mathematics of good perception and errors in perception.
The lesson here is that we can never believe something just because others tell us it will happen. We must look from our own heart and see if it is true for us or not. The real life is not what we see in this world. It is a deeper truth that only our heart knows. No one can tell us. No one can warn us. We must trust our heart no matter what the world is telling us including what the masters tell us. We all must see for our self. If we follow our heart and trust the Light, our heart will guide us to be in a safe place where nothing can bring us harm. Our heart always knows what it cannot see, but our mind trusts only the logic of what we see in this world.
Seeing the truth is something we all are learning. Trusting our heart even in adversity is the only path to a better life. Follow your heart and trust it even when your mind doubts. Never give up just because the world disagrees with you. Only your heart knows the truth and will guide you in ways that your mind cannot understand. Learning to listen to the heart is our greatest gift. Enlightenment comes not from doing right in this world. Enlightenment comes from doing right in your heart and never giving up. Follow your heart and it will lead you to a life of happiness in this world and in the Infinite Spiritual World that dwells inside your heart even now.
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