Saturday, July 25, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Empty Mirror

Consciousness is like a mirror. It doesn’t more. It doesn’t change, but the reflections on it move and change. Consciousness in its pure state is always silently observing reflections in our mind. We look at these reflections long enough and they become real. We make a story about them and then they become not real. It is just a mental story to entertain our mind while it tries to understand the meaning of life.
The mind is only the mirror. When we look into the mirror, we see a reflection of our self. When Pure Silent Consciousness looks into the mirror, there is nothing there except empty space. Buddha calls this our True Nature undefiled by other experiences. This is the state of meditation when we drop into Ku and all distractions of other images and thoughts have disappeared. Our mind wants to identify our images and thoughts and make a story that tells us this is who I am. But we are only a mirror and can only know our true nature when the mirror is clear.

Amaterasu gave us a mirror to help us discover our true nature and become free from the things that often push and pull on our mind. When we discover the Empty Mirror, we become calm and then the mirror becomes illuminated like the Sun. This is the awakening from darkness into the Light Eternal.
Be simple and be wise. Look into the mirror and see beyond the reflections and distractions. See the Sun shining within you and let it shine everywhere in your life. Transform your Mirror from glass into Sunshine and nothing will overpower you again. You will find your life is Eternally Free and stable. If the mirror is moving, the images get distorted. Life is just a movie on your mirror, but you are the consciousness that observes it and learns from it. Find the peaceful mirror inside and observe the Sun shining through everything you do.

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