Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Nature Does Good in Advance

Nature feels what is happening even before the human mind thinks it. Everything we need, the universe knows before we know it. Our deepest feelings are broadcast to the universe before our mind registers our desire, and the universe responds.
Even when something is wrong in our body, the universe can feel it and begins to move the problem out of our body. Our mind worries because it doesn’t understand that we are already healing. We think we are getting sick, when actually we are already getting well. The universe is moving more Life Force through our body to kick out the problem. It feels uncomfortable, but we are healing and if we go with the flow, drink lots of water and allow our body to heal, the sickness will be gone before we know it.

These days we are all desiring a new life, but our mind has no idea what that will be. Our mind thinks and then we reason what we need to do next. Meanwhile the universe has already felt our desire to change and brings us what we need. The problem is that what the universe brings and what our mind expects are often different, so we think the universe is opposing us. The correct view is that the universe knows what we need for our best future before our mind can think about it. We are not accustomed to trusting the universe. As our consciousness expands and our heart gets bigger, whatever happens in our life is usually for the best, even when our mind disagrees.
Trust the universe. The universe is always helpful. Nature does good in advance long before our mind knows what it wants. When something unexpected happens, instead of complaining, look and see what the universe is bringing to you. Then tune in and see what the universe knows about your future that your mind hasn’t discovered yet. The universe is always on your side. Trust it!

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