Sunday, July 19, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Short update and specials

Beloveds and sweet friends,

We are witnessing a deep surge and amplification of the current energy stream.  I do not have to tell you of how profound this all goes as we can see it everywhere around us and most definitely are experiencing it within as well.

My heart goes out to all of you whom are experiencing multiple layers of challenges that are 'seemingly' destroying your world as you know it, or at least this is being felt as your experience.  Hold on to that knowing that this too shall pass and a beautiful rebirth and re-creation is taking place.  All labor seems rough at that time , women know what this type of labor is :) and they know all too well what a beautiful gift is given after this all.

It is like giving birth but than to a whole new you as a creation that comes forth from the SELF, experienced through this level of the Human Being.  Know that all things shall pass as the energies are everlasting changing and shifting into gears of our resonance field.  Nothing stays the same.

Your Vortex of creation is spinning at a more rapid pace to bring forth the fruitful creations to BE, this aligned with your own spinning pace of resonance.  BE less in the mind, as these days are discomforting when it comes to thoughts and mental activity.  There are a lot of cerebral seizures and infarcts as a re-action to the overloading activities of mental thoughts.

Be rather more in the heart and at peace with yourself within.  I know this can be challenging to stay out of the mind activations and to be still, especially now during this energetic surge that seems to control over the chaos in the world.  All is seemingly and according to your own perception. Therefore to step out of what you think you see and think to know that is happening, is a way to be able and maintain your balance within.

You let things be as these are coming into reality and observe more from an eternal plane where you are ZEN with yourself.  It is easy to be affected and triggered to play along with this process that is unfolding for all beings.  Concentrate on your inner process to set foot in this new world and as this new you which you are creating and birthing.

Compassion, support and love are key now to assist the collective.  Be there for those whom are asking for a helping hand, with a loving intent. Being there as a loving support but refrain yourself from feeding that which another Being must let go of and allow its experience to get to understanding from the heart.  Let that and these Be in their own process of understanding their reality of which these are the creator of.

If you are in a good space, allow the flow of creation take over and sprout beautiful hearts!  We are gathering here in this NOW on Gaia to perform a HUGE thing and assist where we can.  This through our own unique Being.

Beloveds, Summer Special Rates are ON !!
 Check it out and keep on checking for more special rates and discounts will be offered as we enter august. Readings may be offered in discount soon as well, depending on demand .. To those taking the Channeling course: Module 4 is finally taking on form so thank you for your patience. Love, Méline Portia Lafont 

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