Friday, July 10, 2015

Polaris AB ~ Integration of the I AM presence

Galactic Federation of Light April 11 2015
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There have been many celestial bodies in the form of comets and meteors integrating and merging with our close planetary neighbours but none have come close to the deep impact arrival of the I AM presence on the individual consciousness that took place on 12.12.
Since then, the impact crater and its respective fallout has been felt in many ways by every one bringing to the surface that which lies deeply hidden within. For those who have not been systematically cleansing and clearing the emotional memories of many aeons of trial and tribulation, the I AM presence will create and clear its own pathway deep into the heart of matter to join Sacred Mind and Heart as ONE within the Fifth Dimensional aspect of ALL.

Those following the energetic words of cosmic messengers will know these as Ascension symptoms, others will label these as flu epidemics, cold symptoms, strange medical anomalies which pass as quickly as they arrive. Primarily, Fifth Dimensional existence holds no interest in external attachments, a loose fitting cloak which seeks to shake off all that no longer serves purpose to allow that which remains for the individual to find meaning in their role Here and Now.
Those who seek to maintain a fixed existence and continued habitual patterns of behaviour will find it difficult to maintain control over their environment and the expected responses of those around them. Without accepting the inevitable changes taking place and allowing the Flow of Love through the heart centre to act as Divine guidance, the residue of Third Dimension may begin to manifest as a living Hell for many whilst feeling like a Stranger in an emerging Paradise.
Acceptance becomes the Sovereign of Resistance. The appeal of individual gratification will no longer provide meaning and purpose to a Heart filled with the I AM presence that seeks only the fulfilment, peace and harmony of Unity consciousness.
The integration point of the I AM presence detaches and loosens the ability to remain rigidly attached to the defined beliefs that make up the collective understanding, rules, regulations and laws of a diminishing Third Dimensional society. What may be seen as the crumbling of the establishment is in the fact the metamorphosis of the Golden Age to come. The Phoenix rises from the ashes just as an awakened society starts to rebuild Unity consciousness from the inside out one individual at a time.
All act as One as One becomes All. Open your heart to the Christ Consciousness that lies within. What once was manifest can live again through YOU.
With Love and Blessings to ALL from ALL 
Polaris AB

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