Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Infinite Observer

Ego/mind always wants to identify everything. Our ego/mind says, “I did this” or “I experienced this”. But the great teachers tell us you are not your mind. You are the observer that sees through your mind. You are something else, not your mind and not your body.
One day it happens when you are sitting alone quietly and suddenly you feel a silent Presence inside. You are silently observing the world around you and even observing your mind thinking, but you are not thinking. You are just observing from a big silent Presence inside. The thoughts are coming and going through your mind, but you are not thinking them. Then your body moves and you lean to the left, but the Presence hasn’t moved. Only the body moved while the Observer remained silently observing.

This Presence is your Inner Observer. This is your true nature. It is the consciousness that sees through your mind and moves through your body. Mind thinks and body moves, but the Inner Observer is just present observing without doing anything. Because you are conscious and didn’t go to sleep, you can observe what happened. Consciousness is present when everything happens much like the sky is present when the birds fly across the sky. The sky didn’t move, but observed the birds flying.
Who is this Observer? It is the consciousness that looks through the eyes and thinks through the computer mind. The Observer is always there, but ego/mind wants to say “I did it” rather than accepting that mind did it or body did it. Ego/mind likes to feel responsible. It also wants to be in control so that it can claim responsibility for what happened. Relax and observe. No need to own it or take responsibility for it, just observe it.
The Consciousness of the Inner Observer is entirely free and remains Infinitely Silent through all the dramas of our life. This is the experience of Enlightenment. Relax and observe. What you will come to realize is that Consciousness never disappears and will always be there. The Consciousness of the Observer is Infinite. This is Enlightenment.

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