Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Oneness is Growing from Inside of Us

Our consciousness is changing on a deep level more and more every day. Many of you are already feeling more Oneness inside of you. It feels like a big peaceful Presence that grows slowly every day. This Presence is the beginning of Non-Duality and a deep feeling of Oneness inside. The real transformation we experience starts on the very deepest level inside of us first and gradually appears in our behavior and new reactions to our environment. The change is happening inside before we can recognize it on the outside.

All the significant changes in our life start at the very center of our being first before they appear on the surface in our daily life. Global consciousness is also changing every day, but it takes awhile before we will notice these changes in our businesses and organizations. The collective human consciousness changes first. The consciousness of the people change faster than the systems we have created. Governments, educational systems, and our way of doing business all will change eventually, but it will take longer to notice.
The sun is shining through our eyes and through our hearts. It will take longer for the same sunshine to reach the world around us and change our governments. The sun is bringing new happiness and peace to the people already, but we have to wait a little longer before we see this same change in our world. There is hope! The change is already happening. The world is changing from the inside to the outside. It is only a matter of time before we can all live in a better world and see this change in our governments. That will be a truly happy day! It is coming faster than we can imagine.

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