Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Sun Always Shines Brightest After the Storm

The roots of our past are coming out and the dust is shaking loose. Drink a lot of water and help your body to flush out. Out goes the old stale air and in comes the fresh clean new air. Breathe deeply and bring in the new wind of Ki. Your body and soul are being renewed. It is only the past that is leaving. What is remaining is like the sunshine that comes after the storm has passed. This is a summer of renewal. All the things you have waited for are coming now. The sun is already shining behind the clouds. Just a little longer and it will be done.
During this time it is good to be mindful of all the positive things that are happening in your life. Usually we focus on the things we still need to change. Don’t worry about the negative energy. Bring in the light. Make a list each evening before you go to bed of all the good things that happened today. Add to that list all the steps you are taking to improve your life and say thank you to your self for doing them. Creating a positive list like this helps us to be mindful of our progress and avoid getting stuck in our negative feelings that we are not changing fast enough.

Change your view and you change your reality. When we notice the good things and add them to our list, the list will grow each day and soon you will be feeling good about your self again. Take deep breaths and do your meditation. Count your blessings and watch how much your life is changing. The universe is so happy to help us. We only need to be more compassionate to our self and not worry about the negative thoughts that come. Replace the negative with the light and the love. Make your list and see how much you are changing.

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