Friday, July 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Mother Earth We Thank You!

From the very center of Mother Earth, her heart is beating with compassion and love for every living being. Her Love nourishes us and brings Life Force to our planet. We are all your children, dear mother, may we honor you with our gratitude and respect your world

When we walk, may we honor nature and all forms of life, and give thanks each day for the abundance that you freely give to us. When we meditate, may we merge our heart with your heart and feel how much we love you. When we sleep, may we sleep in your motherly embrace and feel safe that you are taking care of us. When we dream, may we dream of a better world for our children and for all of your children. When we work, may we remember that we work for the betterment of this Earth and seek improve our relationship with you.
Bless you Mother Earth with all our heart!

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