Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Trusting Your Self and Trusting Your Heart


Its always amazing to me to see how many masks we wear out of our old habits. It shows me how much my mind is still trying to control my life. Really all of our old habits were created by our mind. We thought they were useful at the time but continue to act them out without thinking.

When I look at my old habits, I realize that I created them because I wanted to please someone or hide my self from someone. They became important only because I couldn’t relax and trust my self. Now I must be mindful every day to follow my heart and be my self. As soon as I recognize that an old habit is coming up, I surrender and let it go. I drop into my heart and ask my self, “What are you really feeling? What do you really want?”

The key to living a natural life free of old habits originates in our heart. While our mind lives in the past and continues to act out of the past, our heart is fresh and new every day. Living from our heart is the only way to be authentic. When we trust our heart, others can trust us too. This is the only way to develop more friends, and more importantly, build a better relationship with the universe.

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