Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Mindfulness

Lord Buddha taught two forms of meditation to bring more balance to our daily life. The first form of meditation is sitting meditation where we let go of everything and merge with Pure Silent Consciousness in Ku. Sitting meditation awakens our Inner Consciousness and opens our awareness to Infinite Stability and expanded Consciousness in Silence.
The second form of meditation he called Vipassana or Mindfulness Meditation. This is often referred to as Walking Meditation. It is a more active meditation that is done while our mind is active and doing things in the world. Normally our mind is looking at many things and thinking at the same time. But Buddha realized that Consciousness is more powerful and clear when we funnel it through one thing at a time. This brings more Life Force to everything we do.

When our consciousness is scattered, our Life Force becomes diffused and our power is diminished. If we learn Mindfulness, we focus on one thing at a time. Beginning practice involves paying attention to our walking. When we walk we are mindful of each step without thinking anything else or noticing anything around us. We just feel the body gracefully and peacefully walking. We feel the right foot lift and step forward. Feeling the graceful movement of our body going with the flow of walking. Then when the right foot lands, we gracefully lift the left foot and follow the flow. There is no effort in walking, just Mindfulness of each step moving like the wind over the ground. Walking. Walking. Walking. No thoughts or distractions, just total Presence of our Consciousness in the graceful motion of walking.
Mindfulness Meditation teaches us to be totally absorbed in one thing at a time and putting our full attention on what we are doing. There is no distraction and no concentration, just a natural flow of Consciousness totally mindful of one thing at a time. This form of total mindfulness brings more Life Force into our body and allows our mind to be peacefully alert and present only with the flow of energy through our body.
Inner Silence and Outer Mindfulness together harnesses the power of Life Force through everything we do. We remain Silent Inside while allowing our attention to be absorbed in one thing at a time. This is total Mindfulness of our action and brings together our body, mind and consciousness into One continuous flow of energy. The Life Force builds up when we do this practice and becomes a natural source of power to accomplish whatever we desire to do.
Little by little your ability to remain absorbed in one thing without being distracted will yield results that bring more power to your daily life. Follow the flow of Mindfulness in everything you do and your life will naturally become more alert and more powerful. Inner Silence and Outer Mindfulness together brings harmony and power to your life.

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