Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Reshaping your Consciousness and Changing your World

Consciousness is an amazing tool that can be molded and shaped into anything you want to create. You only need to know how to discover your consciousness inside through meditation. But in the same way that we cannot see our self without a mirror, consciousness cannot be seen without meditation. This means that our most amazing tool to change our life is normally hidden from our perception. We look so much at the world around us to solve our problems that we forget to look inside and change our consciousness. All of the solutions to every problem can be solved if we just learned the skill of how to change the mold or shape of our consciousness. Changing our consciousness changes the way we feel, the way we think and the way we create. When our consciousness becomes a real experience, it becomes a tangible presence in our life that can be shaped into any ability that we can imagine. If our consciousness can imagine it, we can create it. But if we don’t know how to feel our consciousness inside and only look at the world, nothing will change.
When we look at the world of problems, we think that because they are outside of us, we have to wait for the problem to change or the people around us to change before anything positive can result. We don’t realize that if we change the way we see the world around us, the world will change. When we feel more loving and happy, everyone around us begins to feel safer with us and open his or her hearts to help us. A simple smile can make another person smile with us. If we take this one more step, a simple smile can make the universe smile with us. That means that now the universe is our friend instead of our distant enemy. The universe sees what we need and helps us to achieve it. Reshaping your consciousness into a vehicle of love and happiness will reshape the world that you live in.

All of the greatest human beings like Einstein and Edison used their inner consciousness to discover a new reality. Once they realized the new reality inside their own consciousness, they then pursued the path of research and experimented with how to shape their idea into a tangible reality. All the greatest discoveries started inside in consciousness first and then found the way to express this discovery in the world around them.
What we see today was created inside of us through the thoughts and feelings we had yesterday. Everything we see including how people behave around us originated inside of us yesterday. If we change our view and move our consciousness into the shape of love and light, then the world will slowly transform into a new life of love and light that was created inside of us first. The love and light that we create from our heart and from our inner consciousness will slowly replace the old habits of creating and expecting problems. One by one the problems will disappear. When we create from our consciousness the world will change according to what we are expecting. If you want to change your world, start by changing your self. Be careful of what you are expecting! Expect miracles and you will create them. Expect problems and you will reinforce them.
Does this mean that as soon as I start to be more loving, everyone around me will change quickly? No! It means that we change our self and trust that this change will slowly influence others around us. We never expect that if we plant an apple seed that the apple tree will grow overnight! Nature never changes suddenly. The longer it takes to grow, the stronger the tree. Give your world and all the people around you enough time to change gradually and permanently. Trust that it is happening even when you don’t see immediate results. All things take time.
Create your future now and allow the universe to orchestrate the result. The best result will happen once the universe has received enough love and good intentions to make it happen. Every day reshape your consciousness into the life you love. Change your self first and then radiate that new love of life to everything around you. Love is contagious. Love multiplies. Reshape your consciousness with more and more love and watch how the world around you reshapes into a better and more loving world.

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