Monday, March 16, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ One Candle Removes the Doubt, a Hundred Candles Opens the Door to Heaven

Doubts produced in our mind are like the breaks on a car. They bring everything to a screeching halt. All doubts appear in the darkness of our mind. But even one candle brings light to the darkness and removes our fear. “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine!”
The greatest treasure is not the gold that we can lock away in a box. The real treasure that lasts forever is the single candle in the darkness. A glimpse into the truth that life is always supported by the masters and by the universe. We are never at the mercy of the darkness as long as the light is still shining in our heart.

When we share this light with others through an act of genuine love, this light will multiply. One single candle can light a hundred more and never get exhausted. This is the ultimate truth of our life. Don’t be too serious. Don’t think too much. Just shine your light and take one step at a time to share your light with others. The more candles light up the room, the brighter the room becomes. The Path to Enlightenment in this age is full of doubts but a single candle brightens our way. One realization is worth a hundred words. Sharing our wisdom when we receive it is worth a hundred candles.
Everyone falls down sometimes and loses their light in the darkness of emotion. But when we have friends on the path, they can pick us up and light our candle again. A hundred candles will light up our life. But 144,000 candles will light up the world. Share your light and the world will change. We don’t need to have everyone gain Enlightenment. Even one candle can multiply through our family and friends on the path and light up the world. Karma continues to repeat itself in the darkness because karma blocks the light of truth. When the light shines, the darkness disappears and the karma is no long seen as a demon but is revealed to be a great Master who is here to help us. Karma is discovered in the darkness of our mind. Enlightenment is revealed in the light of our heart!

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