Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ What is a Master?

Every Master is a reflection of our own True Self. A Master represents the highest ideal of what it means to be human. When we feel attracted to a particular Master like Kannon, it is because somewhere deep inside of us we desire to become like Kannon. As we put our attention on a Master, our Consciousness expands and embraces all the qualities of that Master. Even before we know about Enlightenment, our attention is drawn to some Master that reflects the highest ideals of human life. This natural attraction is the beginning our search to perfect our self and achieve the fulfillment of what it means to be human.
A Master is one who has opened their heart to Infinite Love and has traveled through every human experience both positive and negative until they reached the ultimate state of Divine Consciousness in Enlightenment. A Master is a fully developed human being who has realized his or her own Consciousness to be One with the Eternal Consciousness of the Universe in Ku.

The Master’s Consciousness of Ku is beyond the limits of the universe and therefor has the ability to observe all the Knowledge contained in this universe. The Master understands what it means to be human and has Infinite Love and Compassion for all living beings. Because a Master is a normal human being, they inspire us to go beyond our limits and discover what the Master has achieved. Every Master wants to share what they have learned and help all other human beings to achieve it.
A Master knows the full range of human abilities and perceptions. They understand that every human being has the Infinite Potential of the Consciousness of this Universe inside of them. It is natural for every Master to desire to help others to gain this Consciousness for them self in their own way and in their own time. No Master wants to control us or make us do what they say. They realize that every human being was born with Infinite Potential and has a unique contribution to this universe as them self and for the good of all human beings. If you want to learn to master the highest ideal of human life, find a Master who inspires you and learn from them. We will meet many different kinds of masters along our path in life. We can learn something wonderful from all of them. We don’t need to bow down or surrender to them. We just need to be inspired by them. The rest of our journey to Enlightenment will naturally result from our inspiration. If you want to achieve the highest ideal, find a Master who inspires you to learn.

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